Six essential tips for brands entering content marketing space

It is not a cakewalk for brands that want to experiment with content marketing. It requires a plan and a blueprint on how it should go about it. presents six tips for brands that want to be successful in their first attempt

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Proven to procure results, content marketing is one of the highest recommended digital marketing strategies among brands. Small, big businesses or startups, all are benefitting themselves from content marketing by engaging their audiences through multiple channels.  Considered more transparent, participative and viable in all the mediums, it allows the audience to provide feedback, which then lets brands improve themselves. In this race, to hold onto content marketing, a new league of brands is trying its hands with this strategy.

However, not all can do it right, especially when a brand is just stepping into the content game. compiles six essential tips for every new brand entering the game of content marketing.

1. Build content with a story in a format that will grab attention

Given how less the attention span of the audiences is today and how they avoid watching ads, marketers and brands should work towards building more stories through their content. Brands should opt for the content format (video, audio, print) that they think would engage audiences more quickly in less time, building brand affinity. Stories help engage audiences for a longer time, which gives brands enough time to convey their message. 

2. Content should have credibility and authenticity

The brand’s content should stand out. Not only in the terms of its storytelling but also whatever it is delivering should be authentic. To be authentic means to create original, genuine content, and these days audiences demand nothing less. It is important to create credible, trustworthy content to build reputation and accountability of your brand.

3. TG should be well-defined and do listen to it

It is not a one-sided interaction. Content marketing at various levels allows audiences to participate. Their participation would ensure how effective content marketing is. Therefore, a brand should only target audiences who it thinks would engage with the content. Creating content for a general audience is the biggest mistake marketers commit while creating content for their brands. Ensure that your content is designed and aimed at a particular segment of the audience, instead of bombarding the mass with your content, who might find it irrelevant. 

4. Choose your distribution channel wisely

Choosing your distribution channel depends upon the format of content you are using, budget and of course the brand’s TG. Brands need to evaluate the distribution channels in terms of the audiences they best serve, by platform type. These choices need to be made by brands for both their own assets as well as third-party publishers. Given clearly stated campaign objectives, there are various tools that can help a marketer arrive at the appropriate channel/platform mix.

5. Content needs to be in line with the company level

It is important to ensure, especially for a new entrant, that all the functions within the organisation are working towards the same objective. The content team should have an objective in line with the brands and should work towards achieving the same. So is the case with the PR team and others.

6. Let audiences participate

Brands today are riding on user-generated content a lot. Allowing audiences to share their experiences with brands or products creates different credibility in itself. Another great way of ensuring that you create authentic and credible content is by engaging with your audience. Their participation also ensures the brand message is still floating in social media.

Six essential tips for brands entering content marketing space