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Society Tea, in association with Urban Beat Project, curated by Laiq Qureshi, recently announced the launch of the Second Season of its live musical web series - #SoundsofSociety, and have added two new episodes.

Episode 2 features the collaboration with beatboxing and looping artists -  Mr Woodnote and Bellatrix and their arrangement ‘Sugar On My Sweets’, while Episode 3 will take one on a journey presenting sounds of Reggae music coming out of India, featuring French reggae heavy-weight Naâman, along with Cisco Kid, and Bee Wise on their orchestration, ‘Know The Sunset, written by Nicolas Obino.

Sounds of Society is a genre-free, no-rules, and an all-inclusive approach to presenting music-making and its associated performing arts. It features musicians and their grassroots approach to making music, in an entirely collaborative format. Sounds of Society – Season 2 is shot with minimal fuss and equipment, and will feature both, edited as well as, one-take videos, to showcase the true organic nature of each episode.

Mr Woodnote, Bellatrix – Sugar on My Sweets

The video:

The season’s second episode presents, Mr Woodnote, a saxophonist, composer and producer hailing from Bristol, UK, accompanied by Bellatrix, a fast rising singer-songwriter, who also happens to be a professional bassist and former world beatboxing champion and is known to wear a number of different musical hats. Both musicians are no strangers to spontaneity, and are known for creating intricate structures on the fly. Having known about each other for a while, and despite the fact that both lived in the UK, this was the first time they got to perform and create something together. What you hear is absolutely unplanned, and showcases their versatility and sheer genius both, as a musician and as a producer.

Naâman, Cisco Kid, Bee Wise – Know The Sunset

The video:

Calling India their home in winters, we have three versatile European musicians Naâman, Cisco Kid, and Bee Wise collaborating in the third episode of the season, who will take one on a mesmerising journey into the sounds of Reggae music coming out of India through an amazing orchestration titled, ‘Know The Sunset’, written by Nicolas Obino. Martin Mussard better known as Naâman to the Reggae massive, is a 27-yr-old, who has won the Les Victoires du Reggae, ranking second most programmed artist on the festival circuit in France in 2016, while Bee Wise is a Producer, Sound System Operator and a Live Musician, delivering Top Selections that flows from Roots from the 70's to the most recent Stepper Sounds out of UK and European Sound Systems, and Cisco Kid, a Reggae Roots Dub selecta, expressing himself through the mic and his selection spreading the word of love and unity.

Karan Shah, Director, Society Tea, said, “Music, an integral part of our lives, has the power of bringing together people across borders, just the way tea does. With Sounds of Society: Season 2, we aim at bringing soulful melodies by collaborating with versatile artists. This season has an amazing line-up and is all set to brew a flavourful experience, with the aim of etching music and tea onto the hearts of our audience. We strive towards keeping this spirit of innovation alive while spreading happiness.”

Produced by Urban Beat Project and curated by Laiq Qureshi, the collaborations in each episode represent the already existing and ever evolving synergies in the musical world. Much of what is captured is entirely spontaneous, without any concrete rehearsals. “Some of the best music is made when musicians come together without any real aim in mind, and when they are free of going anywhere particular with their music. Like in a jam. What comes out is pure and organic. This is what we want to showcase.” said Laiq Qureshi, founder of Urban Beat Project.

Sounds of Society departs from a need to showcase any big industry names, but hopes to feature what music sounds like on the street, on a terrace, in your bedroom, on the beach, or in your backyard. The only real aim is to document the social and cultural milieu in which we live, by presenting the sounds of today.

Artists featured so far are – DJ URI, Delhi Sultanate, Hang Massive, Delhi 2 Dublin, Vasuda Sharma, Gowri Jayakumar, Chandana Bala, Nush Lewis and more.