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Society Tea has launched Episode 8 of Season 2 of the live musical web series #SoundsofSociety in association with Urban Beat Project and curated by Laiq Qureshi. The episode features artists Avi Adir and Karsh Kale synced in for a musical rendition titled ‘Adom Olam’. 

The song:

Adom Olam in Hebrew means ‘Eternal master’. This song is an ancient Hebrew hymn, re-imagined by Avi Adir, a multi-instrumentalist musician, who together with Karsh Kale, a musician, composer and percussionist explores the idea of silence in spirituality, and the space between noise and matter of saying more with less within the structure of a musical piece, as in real life.

Sounds of Society is a genre-free, no-rules, and an all-inclusive approach to presenting music-making and its associated performing arts. It is a platform for musicians to showcase their grassroots approach to making music, in a collaborative format. 

Sounds of Society – Season 2 has been shot with minimal fuss and equipment. The season will have edited as well as one-take videos to show audiences the true organic nature of each episode.

Karan Shah, Director, Society Tea, said, “Music can be as energising for a disheartened soul as a cup of tea. It is founded in our lives so that the heavy experiences seem smoother to deal with. Sounds of Society:  Season 2 is a call to that creative spirit that resides within us. Here we collaborate with versatile musicians who create flavourful music with no compromise. We expect that this series of delightful, courageous and organic music will make its place in the hearts and minds of our listeners. We strive towards keeping the spirit of creativity and hope ignited within us through this latest episode.”

Produced by Urban Beat Project and curated by Laiq Qureshi, the collaborations in each episode represent the already existing and ever-evolving synergies in the musical world. Much of what is captured is entirely spontaneous, without any concrete rehearsals. “Some of the best music is made when musicians from different corners of the world come together without any real aim in mind, and when they are free to go anywhere particular with their music. Like in a jam. What comes out is pure and organic. This is what we want to showcase.” said Laiq Qureshi, Founder of Urban Beat Project.

Sounds of Society hopes to feature what music sounds like on the street, on a terrace, in your bedroom, on the beach, or in your backyard. The only real aim is to document the social and cultural milieu in which we live, by presenting the sounds of today.

Artists featured so far are DJ URI, Delhi Sultanate, Hang Massive, Delhi 2 Dublin, Vasuda Sharma, Gowri Jayakumar, Chandana Bala, Nush Lewis and Mohammad Alnuma, Raul Sengupta, Tritha and Mathias Durand, etc.