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SocioClout, an agency bringing together creativity and ROI, has announced the launch of its talent management vertical, 'CreatorsClout', to empower the vernacular creators and influencers across India.

Presently, with 45 creators onboard, the vertical is to support influencers and creators in regional areas and build bridges between them and brands, thereby fuelling their revenue and growth journeys.

CreatorsClout is onboarding micro and macro creators from multiple genres across different parts of India in the languages of Kannada, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Bhojpuri, Assamese, Punjabi and many more.

The Indian influencer marketing market is sized at approximately Rs 9 billion, out of which 90% is said to be focused on creators from Tier-1 cities, mainly Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi.

With the launch of CreatorsClout, SocioClout is set to tap into the untapped market and bridge the gap between vernacular creators and brands, leading to monetisation opportunities for creators through more mainstream, large brands. 

CreatorsClout will be in charge of providing a variety of services to onboarded creators, including talent management, end-to-end campaign execution, content strategy, mentorship programs, market research, in-house content production, and post-production. 

At the launch, Founder and CEO, Bitesh Singh said, "At CreatorsClout, we are trying to expose vernacular influencers to the ever-growing demand of brands trying to capture the Bharat market. We are ready with the 15-50-year-old demography, ensuring maximum regional reach for the brands. SocioClout has been in the segment since 2020 and has worked with over 235+ brands since. Our deep connections and strategic ideation will deeply benefit the creator economy while also enabling brands to diversify their approach from vanilla influencer marketing to a full-suite content creation process." 

CreatorsClout's vision is to build a robust platform that will act as a bridge between brands and content creators, enabling them to connect with each other and help them grow simultaneously. The vertical is not limited to a talent marketplace but also focuses on helping brands and clients with end-to-end campaign execution.