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Youthbeat, the youth marketing wing of Sociowash has taken up the mandate for building a community of young individuals who can make Philips more relevant and popular among young consumers.

Youthbeat intends to shift perceptions of Philips among its target audience through strategic collaborations with youth ambassadors and implementing micro-influencer programs. Youthbeat's influencer marketing vertical will leverage its expertise to navigate the brand toward its intended audience. The Delhi office of Youthbeat will handle this account.

As per the mandate, the key objective of Youthbeat would be to create a pool of young people who will bring together like-minded individuals, creating a platform for them to engage with the brand and each other.

The focus will be on promoting two products - Philips One Blade, with its Move Fearlessly campaign, and Philips Hair Straightener with Nourishcare Technology, with its No Heat Damage campaign.

Commenting on the collaboration, Raghav Bagai, co-founder of Youthbeat said, “We are committed to leveraging our experience to help Philips navigate the evolving landscape of youth marketing. Our commitment is to not only build a vibrant community around Philips but also to redefine how the brand connects with its audience. Together, we look forward to creating a narrative that paves the way for a future where innovation and engagement seamlessly intersect.”