Sony Entertainment Talent Ventures India to represent virtual popstar ‘Polar'

SETVI is a talent and metaverse advisory business and it will represent Polar for Metaverse and Web3.0 opportunities worldwide

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Sony Entertainment Talent Ventures India (SETVI) has signed on virtual talent, the international popstar -Polar, exclusively in India.

SETVI is a talent and metaverse advisory business and it will represent Polar for Metaverse and Web3.0 opportunities worldwide.

A virtual influencer is a digital character that is created using cutting edge technology. This character is then given a personality and will at all times act on social media platforms as if he/she is the influencer.

SETVI would help Polar unleash different marketing and promotional potential across leading brands. She can be leveraged as ambassadors for digital films, promotional v-fluencer for different Marvel movies, creating covers of Indian regional songs, can participate in social media #ReelChallenges, be a part of the virtual fashion shows, events in metaverse and the list is endless. 

To add, SETVI is also planning to launch a virtual concert with Polar to give an exclusive sneak peak to its audience into this metaverse world.

Created by Anastasiia Vinogradova, Producer at Soul Publishing, Polar is a 16-year-old V-fluencer, who is known for her turquoise hair, unique TikTok moves and her voice. She hides her real identity on stage behind a unique mask and wants to take her place on the musical Olympus along with other platinum artists like Ariana Grande, Marshmello and Olivia Rodrigo.

As an emerging artist, Polar releases original music and covers of popular songs such as ‘Bad Guy’ by Billie Eilish and many more. In terms of her originals, she has recently released ‘Redhead girl’ and ‘Euphoria’; an electronic high energy track which follows the success of her three singles; ‘Close To You,’ ‘Boom Ballon’ and an electro-pop cover of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’. 

She is soon going to launch her upcoming human and virtual human collaboration with Rasster, a well renowned platinum musician.

Anastasiia Vinogradova, Producer at Soul Publishing, said, “We were ecstatic when SETVI came to collaborate and represent Polar. The virtual artist was just an initial thought and now when I see her gaining fame and recognition all across the world and now in India, she is nothing less than a dream come true. SETVI is India’s first ever talent-metaverse advisory company and being the best in this business, we couldn’t have trusted anyone else.”

Commenting on onboarding SETVI’s first ever virtual talent, Vijay Singh, CEO, SETVI, said, “Polar is going to upscale the virtual artists’ space by leaps and bounds and holding the baton of familiarising the audience with metaverse, we had to hop onto it. Soul Publishing is an award-winning global digital studio and our exclusive partner for India, that is known to produce the best in class entertaining and organic content for its audience. Polar would be a pathbreaking intervention which would give a broader spectrum of experimentation in Web 3 and metaverse opportunities as marketing solutions to many leading brands of the country.”

Polar is close to hitting 1 million followers on Spotify and has more than 600k subscribers on her YouTube channel. The meta space for artists doesn’t only have Polar, but many other artists like Lu do Magalu (Brazil), Barbie, Knox Frost (a male influencer from Atlanta), Anna Cattish (Russian Animator and Illustrator) and many more.

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