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Sony India in collaboration with cinematographer Ayananka Bose and Utopia Pictures has released ‘The Bottle 360° Project’- a breath-taking cinematic depiction with a social and philosophical message: what goes out comes around.

The film has leveraged the S-Cinetone video looks possible with the Sony Cinema Line Cameras. It aims to raise awareness around the need to conserve and safeguard the environment.

Mukesh Srivastava, Head of Digital Imaging Business at Sony India, said, "We wanted people to express their passion for cinematography while also sending a powerful message about the need to care and conserve." He added, "The Bottle 360° Project is beautifully captured with the help of Sony Cinema Line Cameras including the FX9, FX6, and FX3 designed with cinematographers in mind. With S-Cinetone video look, we are giving cinematographers an additional way to bring their creativity to light."

In the short film, the social and philosophical message is delivered through the lens of a plastic bottle, the journey of which is portrayed in a breath-taking way. The Bottle 360° Project video takes us through the travels across various terrains, days and nights, before bringing to the place where it all started.

The impactful video shot by the ace cinematographer leverages all the cinema line cameras, the FX9 for its shallow depth of field, FX6 for being the lightest wizard and FX3 for run and gun style of shooting.

Ayananka Bose said, "For me, the variable inbuilt ND filter wheel provided the ultimate gratification after earlier struggling to change filters in a rush. Not to mention, the colour science of these cameras is so excellent that I always feel as though I am viewing the finished image and I do not desire any digital manipulation, which has practically become standard in most contemporary visual arts work." He further said, "I tried my best to complement these lenses with two of the finest cameras, the FX6 & FX9 from the FX series”.