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Travel platform ixigo’s new tongue-in-cheek video campaign “Agla Station Mars” is a treat to the social media users as it offers a much-needed dose of humour.

The video gives us a glimpse of the future of space travel, all the way to Mars. The storyline brings in a fun contrast between micro-moments of Indian train travellers and space travel by recreating some quirky 'what if' scenarios.

Conceptualised and produced in-house, the video tries to showcase how a typical train travel journey will play out in space.

The campaign captures familiar moments of a train journey, but on Mars. From reimagining railway station tea and food stalls in space, space coolies running with your luggage, playing popular train journey games like cards in zero-gravity to PNR chart status on rockets, the video showcases laughable moments of everyday travel scenarios against a crazy background.

Aashish Chopra, VP of Content Marketing, ixigo, said, “With the year coming to a close, we wanted to do something beyond the usual trending content. The direction was to create something share-worthy and relatable, but refreshingly different from what we've seen. The idea of the video was born during a brainstorm, where we imagined a lot of 'what if' scenarios, and this one stuck. We curated all micro experiences in train travel and re-imagined them for space!”

The video has managed to tickle the funny bones of many netizens and has been posted on YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Whatsapp groups, among others.