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2019 saw a lot of brands taking the user-generated content route to engage with the consumers. The brands realised that UGC is best mean to have a conversation with the consumers directly. But it’s not a cakewalk to generated UGC. Even to generate UGC, brands need to come up with innovative ideas to attract consumers to talk about them.

One of the essential strategy that brands apply to amplify UGC is influencer marketing. The brands align user-generated content with influencers whose target audience is suited to fetch optimal reach. The influencers’ loyal audience often inspired by them tend to follow what they ask to do. As per a study by Twitter, 40% of people purchase products on the direct recommendation of a social media influencer. They have the power to deliver the brand message and reach out to a new set of audience.

Using this strategy, a not so ardent user of influencers marketing, Spartan Poker, the online poker game brand has resorted to the strategy of using influencers to generate UGC to promote Indian Poker Championship through a #PokerFaceChallenge.

Participants have to make a video eating a scoop of ice cream while making a poker face. Five lucky winners will get a fully paid trip to goa for the Indian Poker Championship, and the best entries will get a shoutout on influencer’s page.

Influencers’ post of taking up the #PokerFaceChallenge:

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The influencers used to promote the challenge have a high mass appeal and more of the younger audience. Through this particular campaign, the brand has been able to garner more than 2.7 million reach in media value pegged around Rs 3-5 lakh.

Sheeko Brandscore graph of the activity’s reach on Instagram:

According to the Sheeko Brandscore history graph of the brand on Instagram, it is observed that Spartan Poker rarely does influencer marketing. There are hardly any spikes visible in one year.

Sheeko Brandscore graph of the one-year history of the brand’s performance on Instagram:

Last month, Spartan Poker, along with comedy content platform SnG Comedy and CHNO Shuffle, a division of CHNO Media, launched a new poker-based web series ‘Around the table’. The series brought together a diverse set of entertainers from various fields and pitted them against professional poker players in a friendly environment.

The first episode of the web series: