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Music streaming app Spotify is globally known for its creative, quirky and engaging content initiatives. The brand is also a massive believer in influencer marketing-led content and regularly uses the power of social media followers of music artists to its advantage by partnering with them at regular intervals.

Spotify has rolled out its 2019 version of its popular feature Spotify Wrapped. The feature shows the songs and artists you listened to most throughout the year. The offering gives data about one’s music streaming habits.

Utilising the #SpotifyWrapped feature, the brand has launched an innovative influencer-led activity on Instagram. It has released statistics of its artists’ music journey in 2019 on the app. The music artists who are also an appealing set of influencers are posting images and infographics of their music journeys on their Instagram pages. The statistics include the listeners’ base, number of countries and hours an artist’s music is consumed and how many times it has been streamed.

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The brand has garnered more than seven million reach on Instagram with an estimated media value spend of Rs 20-25 lakh.

Sheeko Brandscore graph of the brand’s performance for the influencers-led activity:

It is a win-win situation for all the parties involved: the brand, influencers and also the consumers. Through this activity, the brand can grab the audience attention; the musicians can map the success of their content consumption on the map and flaunt it on Instagram. The social media followers of these artists feel gratified to help their favourite artists gain popularity on the music streaming app.

Unlike a lot of brands who use influencers across categories for amplification, Spotify has avoided any spillage and has worked with only music artists reaching out to the highly targeted audience, who music lovers. This strategy also helps the brand increase the user base and generate meaningful engagement with the audience.