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Youth fashion brand Spykar has collaborated with content creator Awez Darbar and various other creators for its #YoungAndRestless Campaign.

The campaign is about being vulnerable and telling your story to the world and celebrating the idea of making a career out of your passion. The brand acknowledges that the #YoungAndRestless generation's independence and freedom, as well as their accomplishments, have resulted in a generational shift in the world we live in.

Spykar joined forces with Darbar and many other creators for this campaign. The clothing brand has roped in artists and creators from across the country and social media sensations like Hip Hop Artist FottySeven, Trevon Dias and Samarthya Gupta to name a few.

Darbar can be seen grooving to the #YoungAndRestless soundtrack which is being recreated by many of his followers. The tune is gradually becoming popular which is a proof of how these content creators and influencers have a major impact on the #YoungAndRestless generation.

He talks about the Spykar contest for aspiring creators to enter and show off their talents to the rest of the world.

To win the top prize, they simply need to post a reel demonstrating their passion and lifestyle while using Spykar's latest music. The contest winner will receive Spykar merchandise worth Rs 1,00,000 as a prize.

Spykar's campaign demonstrates how influencers and content creators are the dominant forces driving the digital economy. The brand is engaging the audience with this campaign by celebrating and collaborating with the people who are potentially causing a radical shift in the global workforce.

Sanjay Vakharia, CEO and Co-Founder of Spykar, said, “We aim to exhibit the incredible stories of this young, energetic, and free generation. We are offering a platform to these creators to speak about their journey and lifestyle and spread the word of how hard work and determination can help you achieve your dreams. We are thrilled to see the rave on social media about the campaign and hope that the younger generations seek inspiration from it.”