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L-R: Rajkumar Rao, Rannvijay Singha, Sunil Chettri and Gurpreet Singh

Rannvijay Singha, Rajkumar Rao, Sunil Chettri and Gurpreet Singh unboxed the much-awaited Vintage and Rare Limited Edition Collection Jeans by India’s top fashion denim brand, Spykar.

The pre-launch campaign included a teaser released on social media to build curiosity and buzz around the product before the big reveal. Here, the celebrities were seen giving a sneak peek of the wooden cask packaging on their Instagram stories and a shout out, saying “stay tuned for the unboxing tomorrow!”

On the launch day, these celebrities unboxed the specially curated wooden cask. After much build-up, the contents of the wooden casks were finally revealed, which was “the limited edition vintage and rare jeans by Spykar!” The campaign story was weaved around the concept ‘Born 18’ to highlight the importance of being 18.

The narrative was to focus on vintage denims that have been pre-aged 18 years. So now, one doesn't have to wait 18 years to get into a vintage pair of denims to kindle or rekindle their 18-year-old spirit. Here, the celebrities were seen sharing personal experiences and stories about being 18.

The next phase of this campaign included India's top fashion bloggers promoting the limited edition Vintage & Rare Jeans on their Instagram handles through posts and insta-stories. These bloggers were carefully chosen to meet with our brand's aesthetic and theme of the collection. The brand’s main aim was to focus on genuine engagement and quality content rather than chasing the ‘number of followers’.

To amplify the campaign further, radio was added to the mix. India’s leading RJ, Mallishka and her counterparts were been on-boarded to spread the word.

Sanjay Vakharia, CEO of Spykar, said, “Spykar is known for its product innovation and design. In every season, we launch an innovative concept for our customers. We realise that we are catering to the “now” generation who can’t wait 18 years to create their own Vintage. That inspired us to launch Pre-Aged 18-year-old denim that’s handcrafted to deliver the Vintage vibes in Contemporary cuts”.

The collections are inspired by aged whiskey. Just as spirit tastes better with age, so is true for denims, the older the denim, the more character. Spykar’s vintage and rare collection jeans are pre-aged 18 years using authentic treatments and various wet and dry processes to help achieve that mended, long preserved vintage look. These jeans are handcrafted by skilled artisans and are made with eco-ethical practices. The brand’s vintage jeans are a blend of vintage vibes with contemporary cuts for young men.

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