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Youth fashion brand Spykar has created a campaign to demonstrate how influencers and content creators are the dominant forces driving the digital economy. The #YoungAndRestless campaign celebrates the new generation's independence and freedom, as well as their accomplishments, which has produced a generational shift in the world we live in.

The company aims to engage the audience with this campaign by celebrating and collaborating with the people who are potentially causing a radical shift in the global workforce. The campaign is amplified by influencers sharing pictures on social media and expressing how life has changed for them.

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Today’s generation, as per the brand, spends a lot of time on social media studying their target audience to have a special connection with them so they can create relatable content for their niche. Because of their large following, additional chances for content creators begin to offer themselves in the form of brand deals, company collaborations, and even the prospect of creating their own businesses. The campaign also focuses on spreading the message that, ‘It is never too late to follow your passion’.

The brand has roped in influencers like choreographer and content creator - Awez Darbar, Hip Hop Artist FottySeven, Splitsvilla-fame Dhruv Malik, Nibedita Paal and Trevon Dias and actor Manasvi Vashist, to name a few, for this campaign.

These influencers will share their path in the industry on social media. From being ridiculed for selecting this as a career to the day when people started to recognise them for their work. By sharing their incredible experiences on Spykar’s official website, the brand honours these youthful and rebellious minds.

As a part of the campaign, Trevon Dias shared his story of being a backbencher in school and being punished for his lack of discipline, and that he now feels incomplete without his discipline in life. He describes how his journey transformed him from a troublemaker to someone who lives a disciplined life. Actor Vibhav Roy also shared how his journey changed from ‘Dekh le Actor banega’ to ‘Dekhte dekhte Actor ban gaya’

Sanjay Vakharia, CEO and co-founder of Spykar, said, “We live in an era where social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Clubhouse enable the average user to upload and share their opinions and content with global audiences in real time. Spykar being a youthful brand, has constantly engaged with the youth of the nation. We want to highlight and emphasise on how passion and career are not mutually exclusive in today's world through this campaign. People are not afraid to pursue their passions because the opportunities are limitless. This world is ruled by digital skills. Social media and content platforms are becoming more mainstream, and we believe they are here to stay."

“Influencers today are driving the reach of D2C brand communications. Previously, it took at least a decade to build a brand, but things have changed dramatically. A viral video can now change a company's fortune in an instant. That is the current power of social media.” he added.