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Bangalore-based stock simulation app StockGro is hiring for a chief meme officer at a salary of Rs 1,00,00 a month.

This opportunity is fully remote, meaning the candidates can be anywhere in the world taking a crack at finance and memes.

The key responsibility of the hired candidate would be to create snackable memes that talk about GenZ and millennials.

StockGro is betting on the latest marketing technique because of its high popularity and acceptability by its target audience. Since short yet impactful memes are more likely to be accepted by these users, the Chief Meme Officer will be responsible for curating, strategizing, and distributing to achieve maximum presence.

Ajay Lakhotia, Founder and CEO, StockGro, stated, “The slightly unconventional role of the Chief Meme Officer is exactly what we need to connect with our audience. It is imperative to have a strong meme game to build a buzz among the up-and-coming users and entice them to explore StockGro. Our Chief Meme Officer will epitomize creativity in the most unconventional yet relatable way, and we are excited to see the magic of meme marketing.”

Understanding the financial market, connecting the finance world with trending activities, and being a wordsmith with a dash of humour are among the top requirements for the role. Interested applicants can check out StockGro’s LinkedIn handle and other noted job portals for further details.