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Subway India has collaborated with three Gen-Y music celebrities Darshan Raval Bianca Gomesto and Clinton Cerejo of Shor Police to curate a theme song on its brand philosophy – ‘Make It What You Want’.The ‘anthem’ is being launched across digital properties on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram where the young are pro-actively looking for their entertainment needs.

The Film:

The ‘Make It What You Want’ video showcases artists and actors who are set free, celebrating style, freedom and are doing things their way. The concept of the video is motivational and is targeted to appeal the young millennials of today who are set to write their own destiny.

The song is inspired from the brand’s offerings for its customers ‘Make your own submarine sandwich or salad the way you want’.

“New-age media is driven by content, which is a far more interesting and impactful way to build an emotional connect with a younger audience that believes in doing their own thing,” said SanjivPandey, Marketing Manager, Subway, South-Asia.

‘Make It What You Want’ addresses the need of the guests’ evolving food taste and preferences while providing them healthier menu options.

Subway has also launched a contest where the consumers need to pick their favourite sub, click a selfie with the sub and say how that sub makes their mood or day and share it using #MakeItWhatYouWant on their Instagram page as a post. The most interesting selfie will get a chance to go on a date with the artists at Subway.