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Supriya ‘Supaarwoman’ Joshi is taking the hustle culture for a spin in the latest episode of Cred ‘The Art of Perfecting the Bare Minimum’.

Joshi has come a long way in her career - from making vines (10-second sketches) to writing scripts and performing in front of large crowds.

The stand-up comic and content creator tells us the secret to a happy life (or not), which does not require you to push your boundaries or pay a large fee for another masterclass session.  

The series by Cred is a satirical take on online masterclasses that claims to equip one with life-altering skills at the end of a few sessions. Previous guests have been experts from various industries - Sunil Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri, Baba Sehgal, and Kusha Kapila.

Presenting ‘The Art of Perfecting the Bare Minimum’ - from surviving gunfights to mediocrity rules, Supriya’s mantras will give you a new perspective on everything. Here are some valuable takeaways:

  • Marinate in mediocrity: ‘It’s not about being the best you can be’, being the best just means more effort.
  • Sink or swim: Following Supriya’s advice?  The best way to deal with it is to sink into your couch for hours and to let the situation pass over. Effective advice for sure.
  • Know why you shouldn’t take a knife to a gunfight: Supriya also has invaluable insights on dealing with ‘deadly situations’. Why use guns in a gunfight, when you can just ‘apshagun’ your way out of most situations. Instead of shooting them back, just cut their nails after 6 pm. That surely ought to teach them!

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Taking a jibe at ‘quick culture’, the ‘Art of Everything’ reinforces the importance of staying committed for the long term - in their investment, personal or professional journey. The ultimate goal? To enlighten people on possibly everything they ever wanted to learn. For free.

In eight episodes, viewers will see iconic personalities in their truest element - divulging secrets, sharing anecdotes, and embracing their oddities. All things that make up a much-loved masterclass. Will these instructors pack the entirety of their art for the attention span of the web? Will students be left scratching their heads at the end? The Art of Everything is set to address it all.