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With digital advertising taking the world by storm and eating into the ad-budgets of leading brands across the globe, Swiggy has taken the onus upon itself to give the widely renowned professional platform- LinkedIn a ‘foodie makeover’.

Through a LinkedIn post, Swiggy notified its connections of some of the ‘interesting profiles’ that they had come across on LinkedIn. It also opened the public gateway for ‘sharing your thoughts’ on its post containing personalised profiles of various dishes or items available on the platform.

Taking a note of this, several marketers also picked on the trend and started commenting on the post - with some of their individually thought quirky makeovers of the items that were not listed on the Swiggy post.

One of the LinkedIn members commented, “Started as a foody. Look at me now, I became a sponsor! Overcoming every rayta at life. Burp!”

“Hats off to the creator behind this content Swiggy,” one of the marketers commented on the post, to which the brand replied back stating, “Made for a fun read, didn’t it?”

Multiple users also went on to point out that they would personally like to connect with each of the profiles whose images had been added on the post.

It is also to be noted that the post contained profile descriptions, designations, usernames, mutual connections, amongst others details of various dishes available on the application.

Furthermore, Swiggy, through its LinkedIn handle, also replied to some of the users’ comments on the post and expressed their hope in terms of how their items or product listings helped users satiate their hunger or cravings for a certain item.

Multiple netizens also went on to appreciate the creative marketing techniques adopted by the delivery platform time and again on various platforms.