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Love and zodiac signs have had a connection that goes back centuries. Daily newspapers, Instagram pages, and even love gurus on the radio talk about how the system of zodiac signs can help you find yourself the perfect partner. This connection has always fascinated the younger people of every generation who want to find love — and millennials are no exception.

This was the insight behind ScoopWhoop's latest video collaboration with the dating app, Tantan. “We felt that our OK Tested channel would be the perfect way to talk about this interesting feature through the highly popular quiz format. OK Tested is our youth lifestyle channel that has both wide reach and immense brand love among Genz and millennials,” said Rishi Mukherjee, COO, ScoopWhoop.

In this latest OK Tested quiz, the channel’s anchors were divided into teams, not on the basis of their chosen field of study (as is usual) but based on their zodiac signs. And in the quiz itself, they answered questions about love and romance. To introduce the quiz, the anchors spoke about the role that dating apps have played in their lives — what they like about them and what they don’t. Within this conversation, the anchors spoke about Tantan and how its zodiac feature acts as a differentiator.

Zhibai Han, Vice-President, Revenue and International, Tantan, said, "Being a global brand, it becomes very important for us to adapt to local users’ interests and behaviours. Collaboration with a platform like ScoopWhoop OK Tested helps us reach out to our young target audience in a fun way. It helps with brand awareness and user recommendations.”

And while you may or may not believe in the actual power of the zodiac, this quirky video does prove that love can be written in the stars.