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Tata Motors has made an attempt to make a real impact while launching its new corporate identity – Connecting Aspirations. A carefully chosen promise based on the brand’s philosophy of bringing people closer and being the vehicle that drives them towards achieving their dreams.

And true to this promise, Tata Motors made the people a part of their vision and helped bring some of their dreams to life.

To launch Connecting Aspirations, Jack in the Box Worldwide, the digital agency brand of The 120 Media Collective, created a one-of-a-kind platform to connect like-minded individuals and bring them together to realise their aspirations.

Sujan Roy, Business Head, Passenger Vehicles, International, Tata Motors, said, “JITB has been one of the key digital agencies that has been working closely with Tata Motors as part of our Corporate Transformation journey. Our association started with the much-awarded digital campaign leading up to the debut of Racemo, a sports car that announced the new Tamo future mobility solutions vertical at Geneva Motors Show 2017. JITB was the natural choice as a digital partner when we wanted a quick, creative and targeted campaign to publicise our new corporate brand promise – Connecting Aspirations.

This time around, JITB conceptualised a multi-episode docu-series that explained what connecting aspirations meant for very different sets of people and how Tata Motors played its role in the fulfilment of their aspirations.

Kaizad Pardiwalla, President and Chief Operating Officer, The 120 Media Collective, commented on the campaign, “It was early 2016 when JITB partnered with Tata Motors in what we believe was the start of an extremely rewarding journey. The launch of Racemo got an overwhelmingly positive response from both the audience and the marketing and communication fraternity. Buoyed by its success, we embarked upon our next journey, a road trip across the country, where we connected people with similar aspirations and an ambition to deliver social change. The Tata Motors PVIB team headed by Sujan is one of the most digital forward teams we have worked with and we are excited to extend our partnership to a new campaign, which promises to be just as exciting and trailblazing as the earlier ones.”

On December 15, 2017, a video was put out on social media, asking audiences to send in their aspirations and their vision for a better tomorrow. The video was met with an overwhelming response. From making animal shelters to building solar powered cars, they received entries of every kind. From the hundreds of aspirants, eight of the best entries were handpicked, and together they set off on four unforgettable journeys to connect their aspirations.

The first journey follows musicians Kit and Tipriti through the mesmerising mountains of Meghalaya as they rediscover and pay tribute to their Khasi roots.

In the second journey, author Arpit and theatre enthusiast Atul travel to the bustling city of Indore to reintroduce kids to the joy of reading and its importance.

The next journey takes place in the Rann of Kutch, where amateur astronomers Tanmay and Narendra set up a mini observatory in a small village school.

The final journey follows Bhargav and Bharat to the foothills of Matheran. Together, they unite children with no elderly influence in their lives, with the senior citizens living in a retirement home.

Over a span of two months, the picturesque travelogues were shared on social media and took viewers on a memorable ride that championed both, a cause and the idea of Connecting Aspirations. The visually stunning and captivating films also served as the centre piece for the entire campaign. Watch a snapshot of the campaign here:

In just eight weeks, the campaign generated astounding results. Right off the bat, they received over 150 amazing entries. They clocked in over 309,233 website visits with over 1.5 mins spent on the page. But what really stole people’s hearts were the films. The videos managed to generate immense buzz on social media and recorded cumulative views adding up to over 5.6 million.

And that’s how a digital campaign went the distance to bring alive a brand’s promise and touched countless lives along the way.