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Tata Tea Leaf is celebrating the festive spirit of Chhath- the biggest festival in the heartland of Bihar and Jharkhand, with an integrated campaign. The campaign pays an ode to the rich and vibrant traditions of the festival.

As part of the campaign this year, Tata Tea Leaf has associated with Bejod, the OTT platform of Champaran Talkies for a new music video for the launch of their special Chhath festival song.

The film:

The Chhath song for 2022 by Bejod is built on the concept of how Chhath is holistic in nature and is instrumental in preserving the art, spirit, and traditions of the region. The video signifies how Chhath continues to be a medium for expressing gratitude for the abundant bounties of nature and a way of bringing people together, an inheritance passed down through generations.

The brand has also has come up with four special Chhath packs, one pack for each day of the four-day festival showcasing the customs associated with the day.

Four unique packs were specially designed to commemorate each day of Chhath. Madhubani art which represents the vast cultural wealth of the region was used as a medium to depict each of these four days of the festival on the packs. The series highlights the four days of the festival, beautifully emoting the events and customs symbolic of each day.

The first pack showcases the first day of Chhath- ‘Nahay Khay’ with devotees taking a ritual bath to mark the beginning of the festivities. The second pack brings alive the next day- ‘Kharna’ depicting the preparation of traditional offerings and prasad with devotion and care. This is followed by the third pack signifying the third day of Chhath- ‘Sandhya Arghya’ which captures the joyous spirit of the festival as people gather at the ghats in huge numbers to offer arghya and other natural offerings to the setting sun. The fourth pack visualises the end of the festival with devotees offering prayers and Arghya to the rising sun on the last day as they near the end of their sacred fast.

Puneet Das, President, Packaged Beverages, TATA Consumer Products, said, “Chhath for Bihar is not just any other festival, it’s an indescribable emotion that people of the region believe in and carry in their hearts with pride. Chai is an important part of the festival, especially on the first and last day. Tata Tea Leaf, with its special series, celebrates the Chhath festivities. The 4-day pack series is inspired by Madhubani art, a cherished local art form, to further showcase the inimitable treasures of the region, while bringing alive the -festivities in a unique, engaging way. The campaign aims to amplify the festive feel of togetherness over a cup of tea that is made especially for the people of Bihar and Jharkhand as they celebrate Chhath with their entire family”

Nitin Neera Chandra, the Director of the video said, “Chhath is an emotion that unites and brings families and communities together. It is amazing to see how Tata Tea Leaf celebrates Chhath every year with its unique yet heart-warming campaign. Especially, this year they have taken it to a different level by diving deeper into our local culture, art and tradition in such an interesting and exciting way. Tata Tea Leaf and Bejod together believe in the rich heritage of our region and we aim to showcase the same through our association for the Chhath Video.”