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To bridge the gap between talent and the content industry, Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT) has introduced its new ed-tech vertical, ‘TTT Academy’ which will offer content-learning courses to help aspiring content creators upskill, monetise and grow in the digital content landscape.

There is a content creator behind everything one loves on the Internet - be it reels, a brand film, or even push notifications from apps. Through TTT Academy, Terribly Tiny Tales will offer two courses designed to empower aspiring writers with skills that will supercharge their writing and help them in acing their content game for the Internet.

TTT Academy intends to be a one-stop solution - whether for a freelancer, social media manager, copywriter, digital marketeer, influencer, content strategist or even a community manager - to be industry-ready before setting foot in the content landscape and be part of a thriving content community.

The two courses that will be taught in the TTT Academy would be ‘Writing That Sells’ and ‘Writing That Sells Pro’.

Both these courses will have a mix of power-packed live sessions, quizzes and assignments that facilitate theoretical and practical learning which will enable learners to write in a manner that connects with the audience for brands, products, films, short videos, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

The five-week course- ‘Writing That Sells’ will help aspiring creators to learn the nuances of content writing. Post the completion of this course, learners will receive a certification from TTT as well as a chance to have a shot at a paid TTT internship or be a part of their exclusive tribe of select writers.

Additionally, ‘Writing That Sells Pro’ would be an immersive certification programme, crafted to help writers master writing skills for the content industry in 3 rigorous months and will offer 100% placement assistance via their dedicated recruitment team and a live job portal.

The TTT Academy has on its roster, some of India’s top writing experts - from TTT and across the industry, who have worked with 300+ brands, such as Mondelez, Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix, Dove and Hershey’s amongst others.

Instructors include Sanjana Singh (Creative Director, TTT), Anuj Gosalia (Founder and CEO, TTT), Amrit Paul (Brand Collaborations Director, TTT), Hardik Nagar (Creative Director, Supari Studios), Akhil Unnikrishnan (Head of Copy, Dunzo) and many more.

Anuj Gosalia

Anuj Gosalia, Founder and CEO, Terribly Tiny Tales, said, “As AI tools eat at the bottom of the content barrel, a lot of what gets created will start looking alike. Businesses will need a cohort of world-class storytellers and content creators to keep up with the demand for content and stories that break out. TTT Academy is built to train world-class content creators and storytellers.”

“TTT’s massive community of content creators have been learning from us for years. With TTT Academy, we’re 10x-ing our effort and focusing in this direction. Expect to see courses for screenwriters, copywriters, influencers, graphic designers, editors etc roll out in the next few months,” he added.

Additionally, Anshuman Ghosh, Chief Technology Officer,  Terribly Tiny Tales, also said, “The TTT Academy platform is an integrated technology solution which brings together the end-to-end process of choosing the course you want to pursue, purchasing online, automated account activation, access to pre-read content for all modules, online modular tests and automated evaluation, assignment submissions, integration of Whatsapp for all updates and content, integration of Zoom for live sessions, accessing module session recordings, unlocking course certificates and a certificate verification system which provides authenticity to potential employers.”

“Certificates can be shared online and on resumes, and the authenticity of the certificate can be checked online instantly. It is a highly scalable cloud-deployed platform, and the technology team at TTT actively rolls out new features every month,” he concluded.