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Terribly Tiny Tales has launched TTT Live which can help the brands with the ability to stay relevant and have a take on live events. TTT Live will offer customised content in the brand’s tone of voice with ready-to-publish templates with the branding. It will help the brands have multiple perspectives on an issue in a quick turnaround time.

TTT said in a statement that it launched TTT Live after realising the importance of telling deeply personal and moving stories on live events. “As a brand in this increasingly spontaneous world, it’s important to stay relevant with a take on ongoing events. Due to its topical nature, a Live piece organically performs 25% better than editorial pieces,” said the statement.

With over 200 handpicked writers on board, TTT will ensure a quick turnaround and varied perspectives on all issues.

The TTT Live team keeps an eye out for trending topics and picks a news / topic that matches both TTT and brand’s scope and tone. Alternatively, this can be done for pre-decided events – e.g., a sports event in the brand’s customised templates.

A detailed brief about the live event is rolled out to TTTribe of 200+ writers for a quick turnaround of content. The best curated pieces are shared with the brand for approval and first right of refusal. Given the time-sensitive nature of Live – TTT will have a turnaround time of four hours to a day depending on urgency of the topic. The content then goes live only after the approvals from the brand.

TTT could also source the content for Live from its community of two million readers, where they have opened a portal for its readers to submit their stories.

The content platforms said that it understands that being a brand, one might not want to take strong stances on every issue, but there are many Live themes that could fall within a brand’s scope.