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Terribly Tiny Talkies, a film studio by the micro-fiction platform Terribly Tiny Tales, has released its new short film titled ‘Dream Boy’ powered by Roposo.

Directed by Keyur Shah, the film stars Instagram influencer Dolly Singh, marking a collaboration with TTT for her first-ever short film, alongside Sayandeep Sengupta and digital creator Yutik Palresha (as himself).

Written by Sharanya Rajgopal and Amrit Paul, it packs a take on a modern-day relationship in a short span of time. It has garnered close to 800k views.

With the intention to express and celebrate relationships as they come in real life, the short film casts a lens on modern relationships, the many snags that come along with them and how one overcomes them.

Anuj Gosalia, Co-founder and CEO, Terribly Tiny Tales, said, “Through our short films, we have always concentrated on telling slice-of-life stories that stir and help the audience get in touch with their innermost emotions and realizations. With ‘Dream Boy,’ we aimed to authentically uncover how relationships in today’s day and age of the internet and social media unravel. The dynamics between the characters, played by both the talented leads, Dolly and Sayandeep, express the story splendidly, and we are so thrilled that the audience is receiving the film with as much love as we have poured into creating it.”

Mansi Jain, Vice-President and General Manager – Roposo, said, “For us as Roposo, to establish creator-led entertainment commerce, it was key that our launch campaign in itself had entertainment at the front and center of it. Dreamboy managed to do that for us effortlessly, with Roposo being the perfect matchmaker in Utkarsh and Riddhima’s love story. Our key focus has been live commerce, which the film captures really well, with the hero shopping from our creator Yutik’s live stream, and owning his moment with that entertainment packed dance performance in the climax, all while wearing the clothes he shopped on Roposo!”