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Every year on Valentine’s Day, brands turn cupid, shooting all the love arrows in order to engage with consumers and win their hearts. Content marketing gives marketers the power to communicate in long-form content, engage on social media and garner a lot of user-generated content. This year, BuzzInContent compiles a list of its favourite content-driven Valentine’s Day campaigns for its readers.

From Nykaa’s short film #AddToHeart, which goes beyond chocolates and flowers, to Ferns N Petals’ Love Vaccine, which celebrates the love stories of every shape, size and flavour, here are a few top campaigns that made a lasting impression:

Wakefit’s ‘Single’ animated music video on its channel Home Time’s Home Time channel brings a smile to single people’s faces, as Valentine’s Day frenzy reaches a tipping point. The Piya Milan Band launched its new “Single”, dedicated to all the singles on Valentine's Day, to make their day exciting and joyful. It narrates the plight of a single guy, as he navigates his social life, all the while looking to find his one true love. While every single person may have different priorities and life choices, ‘The Single Song’ is a small attempt by to create content that is relatable to some of the singles out there.

The video:

Nykaa’s short film #AddToHeart

Nykaa’s short film, #AddToHeart, goes beyond the cliché of chocolates and flowers and celebrates love in its truest forms. Starring actress Shreya Dhanwanthary, the film unravels five heart-warming love stories that meet in the most surprising ways. None of the characters and relationships in the film is what they seem at first and many unexpected bonds are revealed as the film progresses. The delight of the film lies in this format, where you think you’re watching one kind of love story —only to discover you’re actually watching so many more.

The short film: 

Platinum Guild International’s #StrongerInLove

 2020 saw the world grappling with a host of difficulties and challenges— no less for couples. But in this face of uncertainty, the solace and stability that relationships offered became more valuable than ever before as couples turned to their partners for comfort and strength. Now, entering into 2021 with trepidation and caution, it’s the love they share that gives them the security, motivation and inspiration to move forward with a renewed outlook. Platinum Days of Love celebrates a love that is not only anchored firmly and weathered it all but has also evolved for the better. A relationship that has grown #StrongerInlove. The campaign, #StrongerInLove showcases three different personal yet relatable stories from the past year, where couples acted like a united team overcoming various levels of hurdles, growing from strength to strength.

 The campaign:

 Ferns N Petals’ ‘Love Vaccine’

With Love Vaccine, the brand celebrates the love stories of every shape, size and flavour. Be it finding a blind date on Tinder or ‘sanskari’ matchmaking by family, or for that matter falling in love the second time or the 10th time. Through the campaign, it encourages lovers to transcend barriers of age, sex, caste and other pre-conceived notions, and simply give in to love, without judgments. The brand has also launched a digital story, Ek Cup Chai, an unusual but heart-warming film, featuring actor Rajesh Sharma and Navni Parihar. The objective of the film was to de-clutter the existing love-talk and clear the minds of young and old, reach out to Millennial and Gen Z and inspire them to think beyond the usual love stories.

The film:

Tinder’s #StartSomethingEpicAgain

Tinder has teamed up with Ananya Pandey, That Indian Chick, and Shreya Gupto to encourage singles to move on from their past relationships (and 2020), fall more in love with themselves and be open to new possibilities this Valentine’s Day. After asking its community ‘What’s your go-to moving on ritual?’, Tinder shortlisted the most popular rituals and asked Ananya Pandey, That Indian Chick, and Shreya Gupto to react to them. From getting haircuts (to let go of that extra weight), a social media cleanse, to a girl’s night out and getting back on Tinder, the ladies dished their personal favourites and what they’ve learned from their past relationships.

The teaser:

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Times Network’s MNX Bromance campaign

MNX has announced the launch of the weeklong campaign ‘Bromance’, to celebrate the unconditional love between bros with a specially curated line-up of movies along with a slew of fun and engaging initiatives. In the spirit of ‘bromance’ over romance, the campaign packages an interactive contest called #TheUltimateBrotrait where viewers can upload the most badass, wilding out portraits and videos they have with their favourite bro. The campaign film depicts the familial bond between two bros who constantly look out for each other in their own quirky way across its social media handles and on air. MNX also offers viewers a chance to express love for their favourite bros by posting #Bromojis, emojis that have a different meaning for their bros as compared to the rest of the world via memes and fun social media posts.

The film:

Lay’s engaging and fun banter with over 20 brands for campaign ‘Relationchip Status’

Lay’s brought together more than 20 popular brands from across the spectrum to engage in a fun and social media banter. Lay’s captured the unique ‘Relationchip Status’ that users share with loved brands such as Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk, Center Fresh, Domino’s and more through distinct creative messages on Twitter and Instagram last week. These special, customised messages featured the new Lay’s Herby Crush and Lay’s Cheesy Love, the two new, limited-time flavours launched by the brand earlier this month. This camaraderie between the brands appealed to the digital natives and they joined in the conversation by liking, commenting and sharing the posts widely. Earlier this month, Lay’s had launched the ‘What’s Your #Relationchip Status?’ campaign, that aimed to engage with brand fans across the country in distinct and interactive ways, including an Augmented Reality filter and an outreach to 3000+ micro-influencers.

The Tweets:


Sansui’s ‘Love to Sing, Sing to Win’ contest

The brand has collaborated with singers Neeti Mohan, Stebin Ben and Gajendra Verma to urge consumers to spread the colours of love and happiness with their passion to sing and tune in to the rhythm of romance. The contest urges consumers to sing the lyrics and share it to maximum people offering a chance to win four Sansui Android Televisions every day on different platforms from its wide and premium range. Strengthening its brand positioning with a strong comeback in India, Sansui has launched its premium Android TV range for smart consumers of New India. Participants can log on to and stand a chance to win Sansui 50 Android TV every day on different platforms.

TTK Prestige’s cooking challenge ‘7 Days of Cheffin’

TTK Prestige launched the cooking challenge titled ‘7 Days of Cheffin’ with social media influencer and food blogger Archit Agarwal.’ He hosted the series and demonstrated easy recipes that people can re-create at home.

The campaign:

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