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The healthy breakfast and snacking start-up Alpino Health Foods came up with a quirky campaign unveiling their new brand positioning, claiming to be the world’s only peanut product company.

The campaign that is garnering a lot of views and digital attention started with a shocking incident where Alpino’s Co-founder was seen tied to a chair beside The Great Khali, saying, “Sir, peanut samajh ke phod mat dena.”

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This fun campaign saw Khali tasting all the products and wondering how so many products can be peanut-based. This is when the co-founder of Alpino says, "Sirf peanut se nahi, Alpino se."

This marketing strategy is giving the brand a lot of visibility as it steered conversations all over social media.

The brand has launched a new product range across six categories - Peanut Butter, Peanut Cookies, Peanut Stix, Peanut Butter Oats, and Peanut Muesli and Peanut Butter Powder.

Chetan Kanani, Co-founder and CEO, Alpino, said, “Alpino is the pioneer brand to launch Peanut Butter into India and we aim to solve protein deficiency with the help of our own indigenous ingredient “Peanuts”. We are looking to provide a whole lot of range of Peanut products which is way healthier without compromising on one’s taste and we are also changing the perception around peanuts by showing how powerful and nutritious peanuts are for day-to-day consumption.

Ayush Singh Paliwal, campaign head, commented, “The marketing problem at hand was pretty interesting for us that we were trying to tackle with this campaign. We were fighting with the perceived value of peanuts and at the same time informing people about a start-up that is ready to tackle the protein deficiency problem of India with a plethora of products. We had a lot to say and that’s where the pop culture persona of Khali helped in creating a quirky campaign that is speaking the brand core and also has a high share-ability quotient.”