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This Father's Day, The Man Company is calling all men to come forward and be a part of its #GiftYourDadAHug campaign and fill the void in this pure relationship with warmth, love, gratitude and respect.

The brand is asking men when was the last time they had an actual, productive and relaxed conversation with their father? When was the last time they expressed their selfless love and appreciation for them? It says that they are not alone if they can’t remember when this transpired the last time, as for most men, this question is nothing short of remembering a standard yet slightly weird father-son relationship dynamic.

From seeing fathers as the ultimate superhero figure to only calling them so that they can pass the phone to mothers, when did dads and sons become so distant? Nevertheless, it is time for a change.

The Man Company, the men's grooming essential brand, is once again ready to incite gentlemen to let go of hesitation and chase what the heart wants. Relinquish the cold inhibitions that make it difficult for a son to express love for his father in the most natural way.

This Father's Day it is asking men to go beyond monosyllabic answers or ceremonial gifts, and give fathers a true, pure and honest hug. Shower your love on your fathers, who might come across as strict, no-nonsense individuals, but have a soft space for their children, who, no matter what, will always remain their little kids.

To urge these emotions and help sons strengthen bonds with their fathers, The Man Company collaborated with Hashtag Orange to create a soul-stirring video of which the script and the lyrics have been written by Bhavdeep Singh, Senior Creative Director, The Man Company.

The Concept Note: The video features actor Ayushmann Khurrana (as son) and legendary actor Piyush Mishra (as father). It shows the awkward relationship between father and son transforming into an informal and close one.

Directed by Shwetabh Chandra Varma, in this film, Ayushmann Khurrana plays the role of a professional chef who decides to cook something himself instead of buying a superficial gift for his father. But guess what, like father, like son. His father outsmarts him and gifts him something far more memorable and precious. But what exactly was the gift? For that, readers will have to watch the complete video.

The Man Company’s “How to hug your dad” tutorial is a fun way of making hugging dad easy for the people. Khurrana first talks about how fathers are innately strict, but it doesn’t take much to simply go hug them and turn them into a friend.

The Man Company's social media campaign will include a fun contest where men can share the most memorable moments with their fathers and shower them with immense love.

The social media campaign has already started, and the exclusive film featuring Khurrana is now live. Users can click the aforementioned link and watch the film easily. The special Father's Day campaign will run across social media platforms, The Man Company's official website, over 6000+ offline touchpoints and 48+ exclusive brand outlets.

Khurrana said “I like to work on stories that I connect with. The Man Company’s #GiftYourDadAHug is definitely one such story. It narrates every aspect of the relationship between father and son, the awkwardness, the unresolved, the sarcasm, but in the end, it all garlands into a beautiful story. Like all The Man Company films, the Father’s Day film too will surely make you think, and act.”

Hitesh Dhingra, Founder, The Man Company, said, "The Man Company's #GiftYourDadAHug campaign is exceptionally close to our hearts. As men, we often get alienated from our fathers while growing up. From calling them our heroes and riding on their shoulders, we stop talking to them altogether unless it's about Cricket or Football, investment, job, or our mother's whereabouts. So, this Father's Day, we decided to rekindle the love between a father and son with a soulful and delightful campaign #GiftYourDadAHug. We simply want men to get out of their comfort zones, hug their fathers, eliminate all hesitation, awkwardness, and silly thoughts, and just tie together the strong and pure bond of a father and son."