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Ankush Sachdeva

Moj, Sharechat and MX TakaTak together are giving tough competition to American giants operating in the short video space with approximately half-a-billion monthly active users, said Ankush Sachdeva, CEO, and Co-Founder of Sharechat and Moj.

Sachdeva said this at a press conference organised on the occasion of the launch of the platform’s plans to help creators earn Rs 3,500 crore by 2025 through the ‘Moj For Creators’ programme.

Targeting creators from every region of India, the program is an ambitious step toward building a robust monetisation model for creators and driving engaging content on the platform in the long-term. The program includes grooming through preliminary and advanced genre-based training courses, mentorship, spotlight program, boot camps, influencer townhalls, one-on-one coaching, and in-depth workshops on industry trends.

‘Moj For Creators’ will assist creators in bolstering their reach through unique community activations like Moj Madhouse, Moj DayOuts, Talk Shows, Moj on Wheels, Ambassador Programs, and Night Outs.

Moj For Creators will help creators monetise their talent and provide avenues to make it a viable career option. To create a sustainable revenue stream for creators, it is introducing Virtual Gifting, Commerce Earnings, and even Creator Referral Programs.

It also rewards creators for participating in and winning various challenges, contests, and trends on the platform. Popular creators have the opportunity to be a part of music videos, films, web series, and other large-scale properties where they will be able to showcase their talent to a larger audience. Creators will get a direct monetary benefit for creating engaging content on Moj.

Shashank Shekhar

Shashank Shekhar, Senior Director- Content Strategy and Operations at ShareChat, said, “The goal with Moj for Creators is how can we develop a one-million-strong creator community. The majority of our creators come from Tier 2 - Tier 3 cities in India. We have diversified creators from gamers, comedy, sketches, fashion, etc. This is our step to building a sustainable monetization model for these cohorts of creators.”

Sharechat has also introduced an ads network, the network will later be integrated into Moj and TakaTak. Sachdeva, however, said that it is still early in the journey for Sharechat to get better yields.

Many creators create content and post it on other platforms, Sachdeva sees this as an opportunity for awareness creation. Moj allows creators to download the created video, which he believes is a positive point.

Shekhar shared the story of creators - Austin Stanley and Anoop Dehati, who became famous by sharing their Moj videos on other platforms. “We are all in for creators’ success, no matter where they share their videos. It’s their talent which is helping us to reach our goals as well.”

Sachdeva shared the journey of Sharechat and Moj since its inception days.

He said, “In 2020, when a bunch of Chinese apps were exiting India, we built and launched Moj within 30 hours since the time we heard the announcement of other short video apps entering the market. We partnered with Snapchat for its world-class camera filters and AR tools. Snapchat is also one of the investors in the company. We also partnered with Flipkart for the live commerce part of the business to get a head start on logistics, and supply chain to help our creators leverage on live commerce.”

“Till the end of last year, we thought that we should focus on long-term goals, therefore we acquired MX TakaTak. Our combined ecosystem of applications including Moj, Sharechat and MX TakaTak is giving competition to the American giants with approximately half-a-billion monthly active users.”