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In a rather shocking move, The Whole Truth Foods a brand that is focused on developing healthy and clean food habits and snacking items has announced that it will be taking a ‘break’ from Instagram marketing. 

For the uninitiated, the brand as a part of its strategy focuses on being transparent about its ingredients, and recipes. The Whole Truth Foods has been gaining good online traction from viewers who can be often seen praising its transparent approach. Their Instagram posts were often based upon common health myths, superfoods and wellness. As a part of further educating the consumers, the brand used to put out long posts with detailed information. 

The brand’s page on Insta has 193 thousand followers as on July 7.

The brand, however, announced it will be taking a ‘break’ from Instagram and mentioned its reasons for the same. According to the brand, Instagram’s algorithm has been constantly changing and their style of engaging with the audience is being challenged. 

“As the years passed by, the world, and Insta’s algo, changed in unimaginable ways. First, it was all about posts, then came stories, then IGTV and long form-video, then Guides (anyone remember that?), then reels and short-form video, then…who knows. All we know is that the algo is headed away from formats that help deliver depth and intelligence. And towards formats that pander to our ever-shortening attention spans. And in our attempt to win with this algo, we’re beginning to lose ourselves. It’s true. We feel we’ve started drifting. Away from what we set out to do. From our mission. And the thing with drifts is they’re subtle,” said the brand in its post.

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They further mentioned how Instagram's algorithm has pushed them to also make reels and short-form content that they didn’t want to in the first place. “It’s that one post where we didn’t double-check our research because the team had to make a reel (every day is everything, you know). It’s that one reel where, to catch the beat, we skipped an (extremely important) point. It’s those several deep, well-researched captions we never published. Because hey, who reads captions on Insta anymore, right? You get the drift. Well, so do we. And we can no longer ignore it. So, we’re stopping this constant chase to win with the algo. We’re going off Insta,” the brand added. 

It must be noted that this is not the first time that The Whole Truth Foods has let go of a platform.

People and marketing professionals are impressed with the brand’s honest approach to the problem. 

“To me, this is not failure - it's a sign of marketing maturity to acknowledge when a platform is not working and scale back. Too many brands spend too much time and effort trying to ‘make social work’ rather than focus on product, or indeed, their own customer (really, mutual fund brands - nobody cares about your edgy take on Friendship Day),” said Deepak Gopalkrishnan, a Linkedin user. 

“Well done ! Also, been there done that.  Down with the algo!

It’s always great to go back to basics. Or to first principles, as my Maths teacher always said!,” celebrity Gul Panag commented on the post. 

“A brand that wants to be conscious about their content. Only makes me love you guys more,” read another user’s comment on the post.