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Close on the heels of announcing creative and operational collaboration with content creation and production house Supari Studios, Tilt Brand Solutions has partnered with social media content provider Ryde Network.

The Los Angeles-based Ryde Network founded by Richard D’ Alessio is a fashion, life-style and travel network on Instagram with over 30 channels and an audience of over 11M.

Alessio is also a film director and master storyteller who has made over 500 films for brands in 43 countries. He has been a visionary of short form storytelling, audience insights and consumer behaviour, helping brands transcend borders and build loyalty.

The platform has been working with top brands such as Wrangler, Dior and Polaroid, helping them to connect and transact directly with its audience.

Rajiv Chatterjee

Rajiv Chatterjee, Chief Business Officer, Tilt Brand Solutions, said, “Brands today have an incredible opportunity to market themselves on the principle of transference of trust, rather than a sales pitch. With our partnership with Ryde Network, we are poised to offer bespoke social media marketing solutions to brand owners, who wish to make an impression through an authentic peer-to-peer network of global content creators. Richard and his entire team at Ryde are committed to bringing world-class content solutions for brands on social media as it becomes perhaps the most impactful and engaging way for brands to communicate and commercially transact with their audiences.”

Richard D’ Alessio

Richard D’ Alessio, Founder, Ryde Network, said, “What makes us different is that we aren’t an influencer network, and we aren’t selling influencer marketing. What we offer is something more akin to TV and print which is direct access to a premium network of inspirational channels that are run by the biggest tastemakers on the planet. We work directly with brand owners to create artful stories and visual executions that trigger emotions, engage people, and drive direct to consumer on platform sales. Our immediate task is of course to grow the network in India, while we continue to expand our already significant footprint globally.” 

“Even if it seems like we are worlds apart in terms of time and space, we at Ryde have never felt more aligned with Tilt’s take and vision on brands, consumers and content,” added Alessio.