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Tinder and BuzzFeed India have launched GirlsFeed, a six-episode variety show featuring a diverse group of women discussing the struggles, joys, highs and lows of being a woman in India. The show is dedicated to bringing out different perspectives on cultural nuances, dating, falling in love and relationships. The BuzzFeed India team with Tinder will present various points of view through open group discussions and sketch comedy.


The series attempts to unpack the secret double lives of Indian women, how to meet new people in 2019 (given cultural constraints), how Bollywood sets unrealistic expectations, the male gaze, female friendship and the supposed inevitability of marriage.


Nirali Shah, Head of BuzzFeed India Originals, said “BuzzFeed has a long history of female empowerment content globally and we are thrilled Tinder is joining us for this show, which is the first partnership of its kind for us in India. We spend a lot of time openly discussing our problems, our conditioning and how we’re individually trying to unlearn so many things that our surroundings have told us are ‘normal’. GirlsFeed was born from these conversations; we want to create a safe space where someone our audience relates to is open about an issue that affects us all. Most Indian women live double lives: this performative ‘sanskari’ woman in front of your family and society, then a true version for your friends.”


She further said, “We want to create more and more content for women, made by women. The show in partnership with Tinder is guaranteed to be filled with a lot of laughs; you'll come away thinking you've just watched a group of your friends."


Taru Kapoor, GM, Tinder India, said, “Supporting a female audience on the platform is an important part of our mission. Both users have to swipe right for it to be a match and the platform is based on what female users value most: choice, consent and mutual respect.”


“Conventionally, it is hard to meet people outside your immediate social circle in India, so the opportunity Tinder provided has made life easier for all genders, but uniquely for women. Especially given the patriarchal nature of our society where women have historically had restricted access to technology, limited control over their lives and moral scrutiny of their choices, particularly romantic. We know that the secret to success is and has always been focusing on, talking to and understanding our users and making the experience continually better for them. And how better to start, support and challenge conversations on topics that matter than with BuzzFeed India,” said Kapoor.