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Unspoken dating rules have defined much of modern dating. It’s 2021 but dating still has traditional rules and gender expectations, ‘Who should make the first move, who decides when to meet, who should text after the first date, should women play hard to get?’ Wouldn’t it be great if we could go back to the drawing board and rewrite these rules, get rid of dos and don’ts, and just date in our own way?  

Tinder and Sainee Raj came together to explore what age-old conditioning means for the woman, how men are meant to have ‘game’ and women are so easily ‘slut shamed’. Through spoken word, Sainee Raj addressed her own conditioning, why consent is important, and how dating is just about two equals.

The video:

Tinder also ran an Instagram poll on their channel, which revealed much about how Gen Z feels about these ‘rules’. 78% of women polled feel they need to follow these rules and 70% feel they are expected to follow these rules. 76% of women still believe they will be judged for showing interest too soon. But who influences these rules? Apparently, 52% believe it’s societal with ‘Log kya kahenge’ still being a worry, 48% believe the good ol’ rom coms have set expectations. Eventually, 90% of women polled want to rewrite their rules and date in their own way.