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Tinder is back with new episodes of ‘Swipe Ride’, a show that celebrates uninhibited, meaningful conversations about what Indian women really want from their dating lives. 

Social media content creator and actor, Kusha Kapila, takes the driver’s seat once again to pick up Tinder members to meet their dates.  Joining the two ladies for the journey will be a surprise celebrity guest. The trio chat about the nuances of romance, what they want in a modern relationship and how meaningful connections can take different forms on Tinder.

The new episodes of Swipe Ride spotlight uninhibited, meaningful conversations about how women navigate dating and what romantic autonomy means to them today. 

Joining Kusha to discuss inclusive feminism, intimacy, consent in relationships, and the importance of self-care while dating, are celebrity guests Alaya F, Pooja Bhatt, Sonam Bajwa and Tamannaah Bhatia. 

The first episode of this season will premiere on Wednesday, July 13 on Tinder India’s YouTube channel and will also be streaming on Voot.

“Young adults today are redefining the rules of dating and breaking free of traditional strongholds and taboos. The pandemic has not only accelerated a new normal in their dating intent but also normalised conversations around female desire, body positivity, consent and boundaries while dating. I got a chance to witness female Tinder members be absolutely unapologetic about their dating choices and confidently take charge of who they are and what they want. I was more than happy to jump right back into the driver’s seat for the new episodes and once again play a role in facilitating these meaningful conversations,” said Kusha Kapila.

“Swipe Ride celebrates the diverse perspectives of young Indian women and their dating journeys in a relatable context. Our focus has always been to encourage inclusivity, autonomy, and create a safe, non-judgmental space where women are free to choose, discover and interact with like-minded people, and be their most authentic, comfortable self - this show is an extension of that IRL,” said Taru Kapoor, GM, Tinder, and Match Group India.

Co-created with film director Debbie Rao along with comics and writers, Shreeja Chaturvedi and Supriya Joshi, the Swipe Ride series, is a product of the coming together of these women who like to call their own shots whether it's in their careers, or their dating lives.