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Long-form content is a way of promoting brands with a narrative that registers the company in the mind of the viewers very strategically in the long run. 

Therefore, one can see many brands opting to associate with web series created by new-age content platforms and creators, which is a kind of long-form content. Such partnerships help the brand connect with the wide audience base of the content platforms and creators. 

But in a rare scenario, recently launched ‘Ghar Set Hai’, an original web series on its own YouTube channel ‘Home Time’. 

Featuring Aasif Khan and Anjali Barot who have played key roles in series such as ‘Panchayat’, ‘Mirzapur’, and ‘Scam 1992’, ‘Ghar Set Hai’ presents a family dramedy through a slice-of-life depiction of a newlywed couple and their endearing story. 

Prateek Malpani

Talking about the importance of long-form content Prateek Malpani, Head of Brand,, said, “We are believers of long-form content. We have tasted success, multiple times with it, and time and again people have responded well. We have other forms of content and ad forms as well. Every content has its own objective and to expect that one type of content will suffice all the objectives, that’s a wrong approach.”

At its core, ‘Ghar Set Hai’ is a family drama showcasing a next-door middle-class family where small things bring great joy. Other acclaimed actors such as Priyank Tiwari, Atul Srivastava, who was recently seen in ‘The Kashmir Files’, and Nilu Kohli, are also a part of the ensemble cast. 

Yashraj Mukhate, the music composer and influencer, has composed the title track for the web series. ‘Ghar Set Hai’ is a collaboration between the D2C home solutions start-up and its brand marketing partner, Spring Marketing Capital.

Marrying the brand successfully into content without harming the consumer’s content consumption experience is an art. While many marketers talk about subtle brand integrations into content, not many actually walk the talk. 

Sandeep Balan

To which, Sandeep Balan, Branded Content Partner, Spring Marketing Capital, added, “It depends on the partnership. It takes a secure brand to trust the platform or the creator that it will do equal justice to the brand and content. Many brands want the content to take their name again and again, which sometimes hurts the content. Advertising is where you push the brand actively, it has a lesser shelf life and after some time it dies. Long-form content like this, people will continue discovering it years from now. You have to stay true to the content and if you stay true to the content then everything will fall in place.”

The Home Time Channel attempts to publish topical content that is set in humorous and relatable storylines. The YouTube channel was launched in 2020, and has hosted viral content such as the ‘Qawwali videos’, ‘Honest WFH employee’s rant’ video, ‘Do Se Dhai’, and more. 

Malpani further said, “Digital platforms have transformed the way in which we consume media, making video-led content the new norm. Through Home Time, our very own branded content channel, we aim to create a fresh and engaging premise for sharing content with our audience, thereby showcasing a new dimension for visual and content-led marketing, and storytelling. We believe that this could be an avenue to touch our consumers' lives. The launch of ‘Ghar Set Hai’ marks our first endeavour as an Indian start-up taking to YouTube and developing our own web series. We hope to continue leveraging our branded content channel to share content that constantly engages and entertains our diverse audience.”