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When Too Yumm! came on board as the powered by sponsor for MX Original Series – ‘Love Ok Please’, a 12-episode travel reality show hosted by Karan Wahi, the brand had a clear roadmap of seamless product integration rather than just logo presence.

“Too Yumm! has a stated purpose of liberating the Indian youth of unhealthy snacks. The brand is a new-age snacks brand where all products are ‘baked not fried, high on taste and available in more than 25 different flavours!  So you will always have something new and exciting to keep you company. During travel and exploration, we usually prefer being accompanied with bingeing snacks and Too Yumm! would be your best travel buddy! The audience for Love OK Please matches our consumer profile hence, it is the perfect fit,” said Anupam Bokey, CMO RP Sanjiv Goenka Group FMCG.

The integrations for the brand saw a prominent presence within the show as well as seamless product placements in the tasks. Moreover, the brand name (Too Yumm!’) and associations of ‘Baked & Not Fried’ were integrated well and reinforced through tastefully created brand experiences and exposures.

The strategy was to promote the brand through in-show branding, in-stream video mid-rolls as well as an eminent brand logo presence that would meet the objective of promoting a healthier indulgence in snacking as per the brand mandate.

The efficacy of the branded content association was measured in association with Kantar, with results proving to be effective in creating brand impact and delivering significant uplifts across the awareness and persuasion measures.

The survey results further showed that the inclusion of both the audio-visual elements, integration of the brand attributes into the theme, and the presence and prominence of the ‘Too Yumm!’ branding were effective in generating the desired impact. The brand favourability among men and women across the age group of 15-35 increased by 17% and purchase intent increased by 21%.

Sharing details about the study, Kavita Chand, Associate Vice-President at Kantar, said, “Kantar conducted a Brand Lift Insights’ survey among the viewers and non-viewers of the show, and probed on specific brand parameters shared by Too Yumm!. The research outcomes showcased the effectiveness of the ‘Too Yumm!’ content integration in delivering a significant impact on the Brand, across the funnel. Even in comparison to our normative database of India-studies, the campaign has performed very well.”

Viraj Jit Singh, Head of Revenue at MX Player, said, “Branded content represents a new approach to advertising. It is exciting and entertaining, and customers seek it out and share it with practically no prompting. We are constantly looking at integrations that suit our content offerings that are relevant for all, including us, the brand and our audience. The Too Yumm! association for ‘Love Ok Please’ made for a great fit conceptually. This study proves that the association has delivered significant uplifts across the awareness and persuasion measures for the brand, translating into a success story for us.”

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