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Dear content marketers and creators. Creating a piece of content gives you self-satisfaction. You feel vindicated when that piece works for your target audience. And when experts recognise it as a great piece of work, it gives you a ‘kick’. Yes, the much-needed ‘kick’ to produce more ‘kick-ass’ pieces.

BuzzInContent Awards 2020 will do the last ‘kick’ bit. It is an inaugural edition and you do not know it well. So (an apprehensive) you are sitting on the fence. Here are seven solid reasons to enter the awards:

1. Because it is the inaugural award

It is the first edition of the awards for BuzzInContent and BestMediaInfo also — the two most impactful platforms with rare integrity in B2B journalism. These publications have been the industry’s voice and now they are here to recognise the content initiatives of brands as BuzzInContent completes two years being the only authoritative voice in the content marketing space. Like a famous filmy dialogue says, ‘Swagat nahin karoge hummara’...

Even though the two platforms have proven their credentials in journalism, they are yet to establish the same for the awards. A global gold standard of the awards process, a unique classic trophy, judging by real content practitioners and the presence of largest A-list audience — these are the four things that will help BuzzInContent Awards establish its credentials, to begin with.

2. Maximum transparency that earns the badge of integrity

Being the inaugural edition, BuzzInContent Awards 2020 has to earn the badge of integrity in order to be called the most honest awards, but from the second season onwards.

It is absolutely natural for any entrant company to be apprehensive about an inaugural award and hence the awards website has answers to almost all possible questions that may crop up. From the people behind the awards to the entire judging process, BuzzInContent Awards is fully transparent with every bit of information.

3. Real work judged by real people

We call them content practitioners. BuzzInContent has been dealing with real people behind the content marketing initiatives for the last two years and such 30-50 content practitioners will form the two-layer jury — Grand Jury and Executive Jury. Needless to say, any jury will not be given any work with which he/she might be associated in any manner. The process and final winners will be validated by one of the most prominent global consulting companies.

4. Flaunt a stylish shining trophy

Every winner will be felicitated with a very sophisticated, stylish and elegant Trophy on stage. The trophy is what BuzzInContent Awards will flaunt with all their winners.

5. Flaunt your team

Give an acceptance speech and dedicate the accolade to your team’s hard work — as most awardees do after winning an award. Flaunt how your team’s imagination and execution powers are winning consumers’ mind space. The result: attract more talent and business as the industry will know yours is the team to work with.

6. Make your success reach the right audience

BuzzInContent is from the house of BestMediaInfo and both the platforms together reach over a lakh people in the industry. Every bit of coverage will dominate every asset of both the platforms. Additionally, the winner’s videos will reach about a lakh YouTube’s organic subscribers.

Beyond our group assets, we will stitch partnerships with leading OTT player for Live telecast, and a leading newspaper for print and digital coverage.

A sustained pre and post-event digital campaign across all relevant platforms to reach out to every prospective audience.

7. Most importantly, because you have to win

You cannot win if you do not enter. You cannot flaunt your work, trophies or team if your creations do not make their ways to judges. Of course, it is a high return on low investment.

Enter your work NOW.