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Being the only Indian B2B content marketing news platform, BuzzInContent often gets the opportunity to discuss in-depth with content experts about how the stream is shaping up worldwide. As such, we compile a list of trends that will help brands take better content marketing decisions and shape their strategies in 2019.

Better tools to measure ROI on content marketing

2019 will bring further relief to marketers as they will be able to justify spends made on content marketing activities with more and efficient tools that are being developed. A lot of agencies and technology companies are doing research and development in making tools that would help them evaluate the spends made on content marketing initiatives and take better decisions while creating future content strategies and optimising them to the fullest.

Consistency in content

It should be no surprise that consistency is the key to better results. The days of content spurt are gone. It is immensely important to be consistent to stay connected with the audience or else competitors might win the game. 2019 will see higher velocity on content production by brands.

Quality over quantity

While producing high velocity content is important, one cannot compromise on the quality over quantity. To stand out in the flood of content, brands need to produce more unique stuff that will command consumer attention. Over here, data will help to decide the type of content the people are consuming and bridge the gap between the brands and the audience.

The growth of personalised content and engagement

Personalised content will help brands generate quicker sales leads. Consumers like attention. Hence, more and more engagement will make them feel pampered, fetching brand affinity at the end. Personalised content and engagement will foster trustworthiness and credibility among consumers.

Growth in use of voice search

2018 saw a growth in devices and technology that used voice search through virtual assistants. 2019 will see marketers experiment more and more with voice search in their content marketing strategies.

In-house content marketing verticals will grow

Now that we are seeing a boom in the content marketing industry, it won’t be a surprise when we will see more and more internal teams within brands to work on content marketing strategies. We will also see in-house content teams expanding in 2019 as the stream is going to become more important going forward.

Brands will experiment with more channels of content delivery

It is noticed that brands are experimenting with newer channels as their content marketing efforts are also expanding. We saw a few brands experimenting with podcasts and audio content in 2018. These streams are definitely going to get stronger in 2019.

Increase in user-generated content

There were already enough discussions about the growth of user-generated content in 2018. We saw brands in large numbers producing UGC. This trend will continue to grow further in 2019 as there are no better brand ambassadors than happy customers.