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Influencer marketing platform TopSocial India has announced the launch of India’s first Meta-influencer ‘Kyra’.

Developed by TopSocial India, she can be integrated in virtual meta-verses, 3D movies, music videos and so on.

‘Kyra’ follows in the footsteps of the previously launched virtual influencers like Lil Miquela (, and Rozy (

Kyra is a homegrown virtual influencer who describes herself as a 22-year-old college student and an aspiring model based in New Delhi. Kyra’s journey can be tracked on her Instagram handle, @kyraonig. Just a month old on Instagram, the account has over six thousand followers and continues to grow. TopSocial expects her to cross 1,00,000 followers in a few months which will make her one of the most popular virtual influencers online.

The launch will support brands, marketers, and advertisers to engage with their consumers smoothly as the virtual idol maintains a good image and can be more customisable in comparison to their human counterparts.

Looking beyond the virtual influencer landscape, TopSocial aims to make ‘Kyra’ into an intelligent ‘meta-influencer’ who can think, create, and publish content on her own. A meta influencer can traverse the web for latest trends and help marketers identify what influencer content can work in the future.

“I did not expect such a great response from the audience this early on. I have already received hundreds of messages in my Instagram DMs,” said Kyra. When asked about her dreams she replied that it is to be a motivational speaker and to make a difference in the world.

“We want Kyra to go beyond just being a simple CGI character or influencer. She is an independent Meta-influencer on the web. We are working with partners in AI technology which will enable her to study social media trends online and create content autonomously. We believe that is where the future of virtual influencers and content lies,” said Himanshu Goel, Business Head at TopSocial India.

“Kyra will be more than just an outlet for brands to showcase their products. We will have a selective approach to identify which brands we want her to associate with. We want her to be a positive force on the web and inspire her Gen-Z counterparts online,” said George Tharian, Group CEO at Topline Consulting Group, the parent company of TopSocial.