Trending TikTok marketing strategies: A guide for brands in 2020

Gautam Madhavan, Founder and CEO at Mad Influence, gives a rundown guide for brands of top and trending TikTok marketing strategies dominating the cyber space

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Gautam Madhavan

The quickly becoming go-to platform, TikTok, is unavoidable especially when it comes to targeting the Gen Z demographic. There is no means to bypass this platform even in terms of advertising and marketing.

Statistics tell the growing trend subculture of TikTok; the app claims 17 billion monthly average views with 46 minutes average time spent by users per day. And why not, the platform has totally transformed and simplified the process of creating and editing videos. Certainly TikTok is the future of social videos that are made quickly, are addictive and supremely entertaining at the same time.

So here we are with a rundown guide for brands of top and trending TikTok marketing strategies dominating the cyberspace these days.

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Make a hit with your content and promote directly through TikTok ads

As soon as one opens the TikTok app on a mobile device, launch screen ads appear for about five-second duration. These are the special full screen ads tactfully designed by various brands with static or dynamic content. The goal is to stimulate the users so that they tap the ad and land on external webpages. Users at this point can be asked to participate in a Hashtag challenge, which is just a clever means for better and rapid engagement within or outside the app. 

Another TikTok offering is the In-Feed Native Video Ads, which is a native way for brands to advertise themselves over the app. Website links and call to action buttons like “Order Now” can be added so that users can click to take themselves to the desired landing pages else they can continue by skipping the ads. The #ForYou Page for example can be used a one such tool, which can be either paid or from your brand’s own TikTok Channel.  

The biggest advantage of the In-Feed native ads is that they can be tracked. Yes, so all the data can be well calculated for determining the ROI using the click-through Rates, impressions, views and viewing time, and user engagements.

Creating engaging brand-centric filters and augmented reality

Brands can radically alter their environment with TikTok on their mobile device. Creative face filters, animated objects, branded filters overlaid on videos, everything and anything from 2D to 3D and AR can possibly be created over this rapidly flourishing platform. Brands can create branded lenses, filters and stickers on TikTok very easily and efficiently.

Interaction with brands can be done so well. Like in case of branded lenses, users can engage with brands and try the lenses applying various filters. This would allow them to virtually experience the product and advocate the user buying decision. This is quite amazing! Isn’t it?

Engaging stories for product placement

A well thought storyline is bound to entertain, connect to viewers and inspire a call to action. So what story are you going to share on your TikTok platform? The not-so-new arrival of TikTok in town is creating wonders and is all set to give a major boost to the brands out there. Brands need to place themselves and the products by means of powerful and engaging TikTok friendly storylines and see the magic of the platform in making the video viral to an immense number of viewers.

Big Social Players can do the job pretty well but if we consider the current inclination of young natives, the preference has switched to the small players yet highly influential people with brilliant successful returns.    

Attracting more content from influencer and users

What if any genre-specific influencer gives out a brief in a super engaging way? Indeed, it will interest so many users and will get viral in no time. This would end up in a situation where the influencer’s followers would be promoting your brand in some way or the other.

A win-win situation for brands with a younger target demographic since they are most affected by TikTok and thereby the influencers there. Also, the added advantage of choosing influencers is you are paying less and getting a comparable amount of reach and generating awareness about your brand/service/product.

A powerful jingle through an influencer can also be considered as a great means to reflect the essence of the brand. This would undoubtedly increase your brands recognition.

“Influencers — they’re the best thing since sliced bread. But forget bread; they’re selling like hotcakes. They’re creating huge returns, and they’re only set to keep growing!” — Emily Warna, Social Media Marketing Advocate.

User-generated content is gaining more and more acclamation in the recent years. UGC holds a great potential for promotion and advertisement of any brand and is probably the best way to attract more engagement over TikTok.  This can at times take the shape or somewhat be interchangeably considered as a Hashtag challenge, which of course encourages users to upload their videos with the very product in the most appealing manner.

Brands should now spend some time in understanding the platform on a deeper level and producing relationships with influencers in your niche, there might well be an awful lot to gain.

Really, it’s time to get’s time for TikTok.

(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of and we do not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.)

TikTok marketing strategies A guide for brands in 2020 Gautam Madhavan