Trinity Gaming India teams up with Lenovo, Intel, YouTube for Gamers Night Live targeting creators

The event has featured content creators and influencers, including Mortal, Scout, Regaltos, among other regional, micro and mini creators from around the country

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Trinity Gaming India has launched Gamerz Night Live, a virtual gaming campaign.

The campaign has been launched in collaboration with Lenovo, Intel and YouTube, and is focused on developing the Indian creator community.

The initiative has provided a platform for over 100 creators from across the country to showcase their talents.

The campaign has been launched to assist upcoming creators in promoting their content, building their profiles, and sharing the spotlight with other top creators.

The event has featured leading content creators and influencers, including Mortal, Scout, Regaltos, among other regional, micro and mini creators from around the country.

The campaign has run for a period of over 11 weeks and has successfully aired more than 14 episodes to date, complemented by regular uploads of shorts.

“The Gamerz Night Live account serves as the platform for all upcoming episode announcements, highlight reels from previous episodes, engaging stories, and collaborative posts, these have generated over 10M Views until now,” said the company statement.

Abhishek Aggarwal, Co-founder and CEO, Trinity Gaming India, said, "At Trinity Gaming India, our primary objective has consistently been to furnish creators with a platform conducive to growth and the establishment of a career in gaming. Through Gamerz Night Live, we are presenting unprecedented opportunities for creators nationwide, irrespective of their current size and follower count. The resounding success and positive feedback witnessed this year serve as a testament to the promising trajectory, assuring an even more substantial presence in the gaming landscape for the upcoming year."

The games played by the creators include Battleground Mobile India (BGMI), Valorant, CS Source 2, Fall Guys, Among Us, Prop Hunt, and GTA V. The partnered creators come together not only to create fun content but also to battle it out as part of a team in BGMI, Valorant, and CSGO.

Gamerz Night Live aims to penetrate audiences across the country, making it a highly inclusive and diverse celebration of gaming. The event will conclude by December 2023.

Anita Kotwani, CEO Media, South Asia, Dentsu and Dentsu Gaming Lead, said, “Gamerz Night Live is the first ever recreational gaming IP where gaming content creators of varied sizes come together and enjoy gaming as a wholesome part of entertainment. Brands like Lenovo & Intel have marked their footprints in the gaming industry by launching gaming centric brands like legion, loq, gaming IdeaPad, Intel Arc, 13th gen processors which are beneficial for the consumers to make, record and consume content. Through Gamerz Night Live Intel & Lenovo get a chance to showcase themselves in front of the relevant audience focusing on the TGs suitable for brands like Lenovo & Intel.”

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