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Festive deals often go hand-in-hand with phishing scams. This season is a reason scammers target innocent individuals to dupe them of their hard-earned money while they are busy celebrating it with online shopping and similar means. Truecaller internal data shows that phone scams around gift cards, coupons, lottery, and similar scams increase by up to 150% during festivals.

Truecaller started #JamTheScam campaign during Diwali in 2020 and the antics of the Lever twins Jamie and Jessie were watched by over 3 million people on the Truecaller YouTube channel alone.

For the second season in 2021, Truecaller is upping the ante by collaborating with Johnny, Jesse and Jamie Lever to spoil the party of these scam callers.

Building upon its core proposition of making communication safer and more efficient for its users, Truecaller #JamTheScam campaign, season 2, is a content piece aiming to put a stop to these incessant scam calls that lead to loss of significant amounts of money of people leading to ruining the festive mood. Ideated and conceptualised by Wirality, the campaign was launched on November 11, 2021.

The social extension of the campaign includes user-generated as well as informative content, to engage and raise awareness.

Manan Shah - Director Marketing - India - Truecaller, said” The first season of #JamTheScam was a huge success for us in terms of building awareness among people about the different types of spam and scams they can encounter in daily life. Taking a step ahead of our learnings from the previous year and helping people stay away from such scams, we are happy to present #JamTheScam season 2 to our users. We have attempted to communicate an important message that people will understand and enjoy watching at the same time

Saanand Warrier, CEO, Wirality, said, “Jam the Scam is a very special property for us; it was our first big collaboration with Truecaller, something that paved the way for some great work in the future. Hence, this time around we wanted to make the campaign special while keeping the essence of last year still alive, and Johny Lever and family fit into the campaign seamlessly. Once again it’s been a fantastic experience working with a team as dynamic as Truecaller. Looking forward to many more in the future.

Sourya Bhattacharjee, Creative Head, Wirality, said, “The word ‘purpose’ can take many shapes, from brand authenticity to improving human lives and making them better. Hence for Jam the Scam, the conscious effort was to stay away from regular festive messages around gifts and celebrations. Truecaller’s spam blocker feature is truly effective against scam calls, so we thought of creating a vigilante group and calling up scammers, so they don't get to waste your time or money. Season two is a riot as Johny Lever takes the center stage.”