Unacademy launches ‘Meri Pehli Academy' campaign to commemorate motherhood

The campaign lauds the life lessons which everyone learns from their first teaching institute - mothers

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Unacademy, the learning platform, has released their campaign celebrating motherhood titled ‘Meri Pehli Academy’. The film commemorates the role of every mother as the first teacher, educator in every child’s life.

The film heralds mothers and mother figures as a child's first academy from where children learn their first and most important life lessons. 

Conceptualised by Ogilvy, the film showcases the story of a young student - Bulbul, who is moving to a new city to live alone. It highlights how her mother has come along to help her set up the place, guiding her to do things on her own, testing and mentoring her to live her life independently. The heartfelt appreciation soon turns into a deeper realisation, as Bulbul begins to see her mother as her first academy. An institution that had an answer to the silliest of doubts and taught her how to convert hurdles into opportunities, to juggle with every struggle. 

The film outlines several instances which reinforce the subconscious learnings from the mother. When the mother asks Bulbul to make ‘chai’ - Bulbul learns the whereabouts of items in the kitchen and it is a metaphor for learning how to fend for yourself.

When Bulbul starts unpacking her room, her mother hands her the box opener, highlighting how she is equipping Bulbul to start the new journey. From calling out for her as a knee jerk reaction, when her cupboard breaks to being dependent on her for something as small as a faulty TV remote, the film at every juncture establishes how mother figures have always been the pillar of strength and learning for their kids. 

Karan Shroff, Partner and Chief Marketing Officer, Unacademy, said, “Throughout our formative years, our mother figures teach us several valuable life lessons. For most of us, we do not realise during our entire lifetime, the pivotal role they play in our lives, which is that of our first Educator, our first Academy. This year, we are commemorating the learnings we all got from our #MeriPehliAcademy with the hope that the message resonates with all our Learners. It also conveys Unacademy’s promise of being a lifelong ally to Learners at every step of their journey along with their mother.” 

“A mother is our first teacher and our first school. From learning our first lessons from her, we also learn valuable life lessons. A mother is the foundation to a child's being, her/his pillar of strength. The role that a mother plays in a child’s life, can’t be paralleled by any other human relationship. This was the genesis of the wonderful idea of the film:Maa- #MeriPehliAcademy," said Puneet Kapoor, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy South.

The creative agency for the project was Ogilvy and is produced by Radhika Produces Films and directed by Suresh Triveni.

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