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Life’s tough for everyone right now, but guess who’s gotten it especially tougher, the students preparing for entrance exams after class 12th! The pressure of cracking IIT-JEE, NEET UG and other competitive exams is through the roof every year, and with the Covid-19 pandemic adding to the uncertainty and stress, they could really do with some light-hearted motivation. 

With this in mind, Unacademy has partnered Gaana to unveil ‘Let’s Crack it with Cyrus Broacha’, a podcast series that promises to entertain and motivate students with eccentric yet insightful chats between host Cyrus Broacha and his special guests. 

Conceived, scripted and produced by Gaana Studios, the platform’s in-house branded creative shop, the show sees some of the most entertaining personalities in the hot seat — ranging from founder and frontman of Indian Pop band Euphoria, Palash Sen to TVF’s Creative Head Biswapati Sarkar.  

Gaurav Munjal, Co-Founder and CEO, Unacademy, said, “With schools and colleges closed until August, hundreds of thousands of competitive exam aspirants are concerned about their exams and the road ahead. While it's natural to feel anxious about the current circumstances, it's essential to beat that stress and pave the way for a healthy and optimistic mind. Our new ‘Let’s Crack it with Cyrus Broacha’ podcast series on Gaana humanises the struggles of some of the brightest creative minds in the country who have also cracked IITJEE and NEET UG over light-hearted chit-chat. What makes it even more interesting is the surprise element of a Unacademy educator testing the celebrity guest to see if they can crack questions they may have solved decades back in competitive exams as a young student!”  

Prashan Agarwal, CEO, Gaana, said, “At Gaana, we strive towards being a true companion to everyone and more so the younger generation with music on the go to suit their moods and now with podcasts to learn/reflect. With ‘Let’s Crack it with Cyrus Broacha’, our young learners will get a once-in-a-lifetime peek into the foibles of some of the most successful creative minds in the country while relishing Cyrus’s unabashed wit. That way, the next time they are jamming to the soulful tunes of India’s most iconic surgeon-turned-singer or enjoying their favourite TVF production, they feel a little more reassured about themselves and rejuvenate their drive to make it big.”

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