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Reaffirming its commitment to challenge social norms and fearlessly address issues focused on secularism and non-discrimination, United Colors of Benetton launched a digital film titled #UnitedByHope, celebrating India’s unity in its diversity. The heartwarming emotional video showcases the different perspectives of two generations as they explore the concepts of diversity and national unity.

Conceptualised by Terribly Tiny Tales, the film can be viewed across all Benetton India’s social media handles.

The film:

The digital  film is a result of a social experiment conducted by the brand representing two groups; ‘Older India’ and ‘Younger India’ with the intention to understand what identity means to them. Capturing the comprehensive representation of Indian diversity and faith, it is heartening to witness how younger group has its own imagination that is untouched by the filters of religion or caste. They create their own vision of a united India with no dictates or forced lines, where every religious symbol merges into another to paint a fluid picture of a nation that stands united in its diversity.

Thus forcing every individual to question the India that they are a part of – the one divided by religious symbols or the one where independent choices are truly secular and not influenced by religion or caste. A nation where all the religions come together to create something bigger, more powerful and all encompassing – a united nation!

Speaking about the film, Sundeep Chugh, CEO, Benetton India, said, “This video is our effort at fulfilling our commitment as a responsible brand to challenge social norms and force the viewers to question their definition of diversity and unity as well as seeding the thought of social change where diversity creates the foundation for a stronger and united nation. It is important to understand how the younger generation subtly leads the older generation along the path of unity while striking a chord with every Indian, irrespective of religion or caste, and slowly but surely paving the way for a united future.”

Benetton India released its first India centric short film #UnitedbyPlay two years ago on Independence Day, using the two biggest influences in a country that is obsessed with hero worship – Cricket and religion.


#UnitedbyPlay was followed by an emotional video #UnitedByFaith that was released last year depicting the endearing story of an unsung hero - Noorul Hasan, a Muslim resident in Lucknow who gave up a part of his house to restore an abandoned old Hindu temple that he shared a wall with. Building on the momentum, Benetton India once again takes a strong stand for ‘Unity’ by confronting differences of all kinds and dares to become a voice that questions all that divides us. Through this video, Benetton India, hopes to drive the simple yet profound message – ‘Let cast never colour their choices’.


Credits for #UnitedbyHope

Brand: Benetton India

Advertising Agency: Terribly Tiny Tales

Director: Surya Balakrishnan

Production Company:  Footloose