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Largely due to stereotypes associated to grooming and skin care for men, options available online for them to seek expert guidance have always been skewed while digital platforms are cluttered with content around beauty and make up for women.

With an aim to address this gap and shatter stereotypes around men’s grooming Living in Trend (LIT), a non-fiction YouTube channel owned by Rusk Media, has launched a short video series ‘Grooming Masterclass’, created with Ustraa, the online grooming brand for men.

The video series focuses on the importance of men’s grooming and simultaneously breaks societal taboos that manhood is mostly associated with, where grooming and skincare are referred to as being feminine.

The idea is to underline that with changing times, people are learning to coexist in harmony by respecting each other’s lifestyle and mindset, we need to shed off our inhibitions and stereotypes associated with men’s grooming.

With a series of 24 episodes, this Grooming Masterclass is one-of-its-kind defying pre-conceived notions on the dos and don’ts of men’s grooming. The duration of each video is approximately four minutes and they were launched on October 2.

Starring actor Dishant Gulliya and singer, actor and Youtuber Nandan Chawla, the series talks about latest trends and fashion while highlighting the importance of grooming for men. With conversations that are humorous, entertaining yet informational, the series educates the audience on how men’s grooming is essential and why it should not be a taboo.  

Co-founder and CEO, Mayank Yadav, Rusk Media, said, “For the longest time, men and women have been drawing inspiration for style and grooming from Bollywood, yet that has not been able to break the ice on stigma around fashion and skincare for men. In the recent times, increased access to internet and dependence of youth on digital content and social media has come to us as an opportunity to engage with the audience in formats that are more relatable and subjects that were otherwise considered a stigma. In association with Ustraa, our experts from the content team have tried to create a non-fiction conversation-led series for the Gen-Z while keeping the message and ethos intact. The whole idea of creating this content is based on engaging with the viewer with information and instances that they would relate to and engage with.”

On the association with Rusk Media, Nikhil Saxena (Head of Design), Ustraa, said, “Men have finally started opening up to the idea of personal grooming, skincare and beauty. With increasing dependence on social media to drive inspiration, men (the Gen Z and the millennials) have started turning to digital content for guidance on grooming themselves. Hence, our collaboration with LIT of Rusk Media comes as a strategic marketing initiative, where we want to grab eyeballs of our target audience. With the expertise of the content team at Rusk Media of curating brand integrated relatable content, we have been able to create a series of engaging videos that keeps the brand messaging intact.”