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UTI Mutual Fund (UTI MF) is extending its investor education initiative on the ‘Quora’ platform. For a decade now, UTI Swatantra has been trying to simplify investment concepts, demystify myths and increase financial literacy.

And it’s only natural that Swatantra Kumar established its presence on Quora, a platform where customers seek answers to their questions on various topics.

Swatantra Kumar is the personification of one of India’s largest investor education initiatives— UTI Swatantra.

The primary objective of this initiative is to simplify and resolve complexities for retail investors with regard to their decision-making process. This platform aims to reach out to more and more individuals to make them financially aware and confident so that they have better control over their financial choices.

Swatantra Kumar is sharp, intelligent and amiable. He breaks down complex investment topics into small and simple explanations, thereby making the matter easily consumable. He believes that with access to financial knowledge, investors can enhance their financial quotient and gain from informed financial decisions.

Imtaiyazur Rahman, CEO, UTI AMC, said, “We at UTI MF are proud of our decade-old investor education initiative — ‘UTI Swatantra’.  Our underlying objective has always been to promote investor awareness and spread financial literacy among the people of the country, for bringing in financial inclusion. We are confident that Swatantra Kumar on Quora will help us in fulfilling these fundamental objectives.”

UTI Swatantra aims at increasing financial literacy in the country so that people are better equipped to achieve their financial goals and, in turn, are capable of living a better life. It curates simple, engaging, youthful and bite-sized content in various formats such as videos, articles, infographics, comic strips, quizzes, etc. It is made available through different platforms such as print, TV, radio and digital. With such a wide audience base, the initiative has successfully reached out to about 135.66 million people spread across more than 74 cities.