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When it comes to food, people are doubly cautious of the products they choose and pay heed only to trusted voices. So for food brands, it tends to be a lot more effective to reach out to their audience through influencer marketing. The influencers have a bandwagon of followers who completely trust them and their choices of products. Veeba has created one such campaign to launch their new range of sauces, which includes tomato ketchup, hot and sweet tomato chilli, and classic imli sauce.

Roping in influencers such as television actor Smriti Khanna, chef Meghna Kamdar, digital creators Vridhi Dhamija, Kuljyoti Dhingra, and Pratibha Bhadauria, artist Janvi Singh and blogger Aashi Wadhwa, the Instagram video posts highlight the fact that the products have no added preservatives. Coming from diverse walks of life, these influencers bring with them a wider range of audience and follower base. 

While some of these posts incorporated the sauces as part of their recipes, others have shared personal anecdotes. These influencers seamlessly speak of the products in their personal stories not making it seem like a blatant promotion of the brand. For example, chef Meghna Kamdar shares how her mother would make tomato ketchup at home as the store-bought ketchup contained preservatives. Meghna’s daughter then points out that she has finally done ‘catchup with Ketchup’ with Veeba’s no added preservatives products.

During the pandemic, the consumption of food-related content on social media has increased. Many brands brought out live cooking contests, celebrity chef videos, and user-generated content to remain relevant to the audience. People started following more food bloggers and chefs in the search of new recipes and food ideas. Brands like Veeba are benefitting from this trend by getting these influencers to post videos of their products. 

The celebrity influencers were able to fetch over 11 lakh views in an estimated media value pegged around Rs 2 to 3 lakh.

As evident from Sheeko’s activity graph, Veeba has been considerably active on digital platforms since September 2020, and after this campaign, their digital graph seems to maintain its numbers with its highs.

The videos:

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