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Creating relatable content is the most important pillar for any content and influencer marketing strategy of brands. When the lockdown happened, salons got shut, leaving women nowhere to go for waxing. An easy option to remove unwanted hair from the body sitting at homes is ready-to-use wax strips.

Veet isn’t much a believer of influencer marketing, but during the lockdown, it executed an influencer-driven content campaign on social media. Veet associated with Mithila Palkar and Barkha Singh to create content and promote Veet Cold Wax Strips. Mithila also provided a discount coupon code.

Mithila’s post:

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Barkha’s post:

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While Barkha showed how to get ready for a virtual date by taking care of the face skin and remove unwanted facial hair, Mithila educated users on how to use cold wax strips.

The two actors and influencers are known for their web series that targets the young audience in India. Therefore, it was appropriate for the brand to associate with them to reach out to girls who can relate well to these actors and are also the brand’s TG.

Sheeko Brandscore graph of the campaign’s performance on Instagram:

From the graph, it is clear that the brand got much active on Instagram only May-end onwards and did a small activity in mid-April.

According to the data provided by content marketing agency Sheeko, the brand garnered over 2.8 million views in an estimated media value worth Rs 5-8 lakh.