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When a brand undertakes an influencer marketing campaign a key aspect that they are looking for is relatability. They want the audience to relate to the influencers so that they take the action that the influencer is leading them onto. With its latest influencer marketing campaign #NeverHaveIEver, Veet has aced the relatability factor. Through a simple game, the brand nudges us to try their product.

The brand sent a hamper of a ‘Never Have I Ever’ game to popular celebrity influencers and it got them to answer several questions on their body hair removal regime. The questions bring out the fact that these celebrity influencers face the same issues with regard to their body hair as any other ordinary girl. This makes the posts highly relatable and we look forward to knowing what their solution to these problems are. Also since they are celebrities the audience is curious to know their skincare regime and by playing this game the audience feels that they are becoming a party to their favourite celebrities secrets.

Apart from their brand ambassador, Sara Ali Khan, Veet roped in several television celebrities like Hina Khan, Mithila Palkar, Karishma Tanna, Mouni Roy, Surbhi Jyoti, Ashnoor Kaur, Aditi Bhatia, Jasmin Bhasin, Avneet Kaur and others to promote their Cold Wax Strips.

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They have also got on board some regional influencers like Nishita Goswami, who speaks in Assamese in the post, and Pavithralakshmi, who shares it in Tamil.

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The choice of influencers is interesting here. While having so many influencers on board does ensure a vast reach, having influencers speaking in regional languages gets the message across to a more diverse audience. Also watching a post in your mother tongue makes it more relatable and trustworthy.

Some influencers, like Surbhi Jyoti, admitted to not having used Veet Cold Wax Strips earlier and then followed it up with another video where they showed how to use the product. It is quite unusual to see an influencer sharing two posts for a brand.

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In the video posts, some influencers highlight the fact that eight out of 10 women who tried Veet Cold Wax Strips liked it. These posts just don’t stop at promoting the product but also have a call to action and urge the audience to give the product a try. Sharing the posts with another hashtag #VeetItToBelieveIt the influencers drive trials as well. The direct conversation with the audience makes the posts more relatable. Though all the influencers are ultimately saying the same lines, their responses make their videos unique and push the audience to watch them just to know their favourite celebrities’ response.

According to data provided by influencer marketing agency Sheeko, the influencer-driven campaign reached more than 95 million people in a media value pegged around Rs 1.5-1.75cr (excluding Sara Ali Khan’s post).

Sheeko Brandscore graph of the brand’s performance on Instagram over one year: