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Global smartphone brand vivo has launched the third edition of the #SwitchOff campaign with a film that showcases how parents are missing out on being fully present in their children’s lives.

The campaign is based on the observation from vivo-CyberMedia Research (CMR) study ‘Impact of Smartphones on Human Relationships 2021’ that underlines 74% of parents confessing that their excessive usage of smartphones has hurt their relationship with their children. The study focuses on the relationship dynamics of parents and children with respect to the omnipresence of smartphones in families. 

Conceptualized by Lowe Lintas, the film has a storyline that shows how a good father-son relationship was of ‘best friends’ before the smartphone became indispensable. The character of the father in the end realizes the need to disconnect and recapture the relationship he shared with his son.

Yogendra Sriramula, Director, Brand Strategy, vivo India, said, “The pandemic has made digital technology and smartphone devices an indispensable need for all of us. What we don’t often realize is that how excessive usage of these devices is impacting the young and naïve minds around us. We might be around our children, but the quality of the time spent with them is something that we don’t pay much attention to. Hence, this year, we thought of focusing on driving awareness and realization of excessive smartphone usage by adults that is impacting their relationship with their kids. And, that is what vivo’s #SwitchOff film depicts.”

“vivo’s purpose to spread the joy of connections via this film is hinged on sensitizing the users especially the parents, to choose healthy habits for shaping the minds of our future generation. We believe the film delivers an eye-opening and thought-provoking message to all of us,” Sriramula added.

Amar Singh, Regional Creative Officer, Lowe Lintas, said, “Children are very quick to pick up on the signals we send out. And a child’s mind is a very fertile place. This film conceptualized by Rajat, Vishal, Stuti and Kushal, explores what may be going through a child’s mind as he sees his parents obsessing with their phone. What inferences his little mind might draw. And how it’s imperative for adults to find it within themselves, to stop.”

vivo had recently announced the findings of the third edition of the study titled ‘Impact of Smartphones on Human Relationships 2021’. The study highlights that while the time that is spent with kids and family, in general, has gone up, the quality of time spent has deteriorated. The study can be accessed through this link