Want to make consumers' content to commerce journey friction-less and more contextual, says WPP's CVL Srinivas

The India Country manager of WPP speaks to BuzzInContent.com on making the content to commerce journey more seamless for consumers and making customer touchpoints more contextual

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CVL Srinivas

Content isn't a tool for building a brand’s image and awareness anymore but it can also deliver solid results when customers are making their final purchase decisions.

A brand can onboard a customer through its content that provides solutions to his query, and can lead to buying the specific product, specifically on digital.

Agencies are currently experimenting with several concepts to make all the customer touchpoints, especially content pieces, more integral the customer purchase journey.

Explaining the role of content in the customer purchase journey and the kind of ROI it can deliver, CVL Srinivas, India Country Manager, WPP, said, "Content, experience and commerce are becoming integral to the communication strategy in a connected world. Today, we need to look at a broad spectrum of content such as posts on Instagram, Content on a Brand website and even A+ content on Amazon."

Srinivas said that each content piece and a touchpoint have an important role to play in the customer journey. He said some of these touchpoints, such as branded content on a commerce website or an ad playing on an OTT platform, may deliver instant results whereas other touchpoints could inform customers better helping them make the right decision.

"Each content piece and touchpoint has a role to play in the customer journey – however, for some it might be easier to attribute to sales such as branded content on a commerce site v/s a video ad running on an OTT platform," he added.

Srinivas said that all the agencies under the WPP umbrella were trying to make the purchase journey for the consumer more frictionless and the content more contextual.

"Our endeavour is to make the content to commerce journey for the consumer frictionless and more contextual," he said.

WPP CVL Srinivas